Newmarket, ON Criminal Defence Lawyer William Jaksa Announces Service Expansion

Published April 5, 2023

The firm's latest launch brings its litigation and legal counsel expertise to bear in all manner of criminal proceedings, from serious violent crimes to fraud and professional disciplinary hearings. William Jaksa Criminal Litigation offers a client-centred approach and expert advice at any stage of the criminal justice system.

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The move will make Mr. Jaksa's approach to his criminal defence work--which ensures that clients are treated according to the protections set out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms--more accessible to Newmarket residents. From initial arrest to pre-trial hearings, the firm holds authorities to account for any abuse or delays in the legal process.

William Jaksa helps clients understand how the courts classify criminal charges and the potential penalties they may face if found guilty, dividing crimes into one of three categories: summary, indictable, and hybrid offences. For summary charges, defendants can have their lawyer appear on their behalf for most court appearances.

By ensuring crimes are correctly classified, Mr. Jaksa ensures that any sentencing is commensurate with the seriousness of the alleged offence. This can mean the difference between custodial terms of one to five years with a parole term of one year or sentences lasting between 10 and 25 years.

The firm conducts research into every aspect of a case as well as conducts negotiations with the police, the judiciary, and the Crown. Detailed reviews of any police investigations are also carried out. In some cases, Mr. Jaksa will conduct an independent enquiry into the allegations and the related evidence, hiring a private investigator if necessary.

Other aspects of Mr. Jaksa's legal services include the interviewing and preparation of witnesses for trial, the drafting of charter motions, and advocacy during bail hearings, appeals, and any pre-trial motions.

"Mr. Jaksa and his team have provided successful legal advice and representation for over 15 years in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario," a spokesperson said. "With vast experience in drug, sexual and domestic assault and fraud cases, he knows how to deliver results."

Interested parties may call 416-900-0998 or visit for further details.

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