New Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Facility Offers Innovative Programs for Adults and Teens in Princeton, NJ

Published February 16, 2023

CTRLCare Behavioral Health is a new outpatient mental health treatment facility in Princeton, NJ. The center offers a wide array of services for anxiety, depression, and technology addiction. CTRLCare Behavioral Health is a premier mental health treatment center for adolescents and young adults struggling with mental health and problematic technology use.

CTRLCare Behavioral Health, a private outpatient mental health treatment facility in Princeton, NJ is available to help with anxiety treatment, depression treatment, and specialty programs targeted toward problematic technology use. These programs include treatment for compulsive social media use, compulsive cell phone use, online gambling addiction, and online shopping addiction.

Problematic technology use is an ever-growing problem in the United States, and across the globe. A new study suggests that 40% of all online users between the ages of 18 and 22 feel that they are addicted to social media. 

In 2021, online gambling skyrocketed to become a $57 billion industry, with 10% of adults who gamble online doing so at least once per week. While behavioral addictions such as online gambling, shopping, or internet use are referred to "hidden illnesses," treatment is still crucial. The term "hidden illness" refers to the fact that these conditions do not have obvious physical signs, so others may never release the extent of damage they can cause a person. However, these addiction can causes extreme financial distress, emotional harm, and relationship problems if left untreated.

Technology has a major influence on mental health and overall wellness, so CTRLCare Behavioral Health is offering treatment programs for both teens and young adults who may be struggling with problematic technology use or other mental health conditions. 

The wellness team at CTRLCare Behavioral Health believes in providing dedicated, judgment-free care to empower clients to experience positive change and emotional growth. With a diverse and inclusive environment that offers evidence-based behavioral therapy, EMDR, and a comprehensive family program, CTRLCare is offering a wide array of therapies designed to ensure all clients receive the best treatment possible.

CTRLCare is here to help residents of New Jersey with comprehensive, evidence-based therapy programs. To learn more about how CTRLCare can help anyone in need of mental health or technology use treatment, call 609-806-5194 or visit today.

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