New Crypto Platform Based On Artificial Intelligence - Harvest Keeper

Published February 10, 2023

Recently a lot of products based on generative AI have been launched, they help users to improve performance and cope with tasks without involving a lot of specialists.

Artificial intelligence has reached the sphere of cryptocurrency! One of the interesting projects of this year that is based on AI is Harvest Keeper.

Prior to talking about the project in detail it is worth noting that Harvest Keeper smart contract was tested by Contract Wolf, which confirms the complete safety of investments, as well as the absence of technical defects in the work of the platform. Also team was tested by KYC to prove their serious intentions regarding the project once again as well as the reliability and safety of the project for all potential investors.

Harvest Keeper is an innovative project based on artificial intelligence, which completely eliminates the human factor from trading, creating an opportunity to generate profits 24 hours a day.

Thanks to HK's AI abilities market risk is reduced, which increases trading opportunities in difficult market situations and this in turn allows to allocate assets more wisely.

As the result of the trading bot work all the investors get daily rewards of 4.81%! And in 21 days the income becomes 101% of the investment!

Harvest Keeper has a referral system with which each of our investors can increase their daily earnings. By inviting friends, you can earn up to 8% per day of their profits (5% of Level 1 referrals, 3% of Level 2 referrals). The more friends you invite and the higher their deposit is, the more you will earn daily!

The Workflow Of The Bot Based On Ai

Harvest Keeper bot using algorithms analyzes the patterns, risks and factors based on past experiences to generate maximum profits 24 hours a day. Hence, each action of the bot is based only on objective data, excluding assumptions and hypotheses. The immense abilities of AI eliminates the possible human errors guaranteeing a reliable passive investment aimed at increasing capital. And each Harvest Keeper user gets a fixed daily reward of 4.81% of the deposit daily! Rewards can be withdrawn at any time as well as reinvested for even bigger profits!

Bot Maximum Efficiency

Automated trading system of the Harvest Keeper bot gives a high level of efficiency, thanks to its maximum formalization. The bot algorithm is written in maximum details which in its turn reduces the likelihood of blind spots in its trade, because the absence of some conditions for entering or exiting the market can lead to incorrect decisions of the program. Harvest Keeper is maximally adapted to the current realities of the cryptocurrency market.

Development team, after writing of the algorithm, together with the leading traders have conducted all the necessary tests, simulating all kinds of market situations:

  • Market growth along with a bull-run trend;
  • Market fall along with a bear-market trend;
  • Crisis in the segment of selected assets;
  • Sharp swings;
  • Lingering sideways movement;
  • Sharp market crashes;
  • Active influence of whales on the market and others.

How To Become An Investor?

To become an investor you need to connect your Metamask Wallet or Trust Wallet to the platform > enter the amount you want to invest and click "Deposit" > then you will start to receive a daily profit that you can withdraw at any time by clicking the "Harvest" button. In 21 one days your profit will be 101% of your investment. Also, at the end of this period you will be able to withdraw your initial deposit.

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Disclaimer : There is no offer to sell, no solicitation of an offer to buy, and no recommendation of any security or any other product or service in this article. This is not investment advice. Please do your own research.

Contact name : Martin Fabre

Location : Paris, France

Company : Harvest Keeper

Release ID: 520148

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