New Book Reveals Rare Insights about Survival by N.B. The messenger.

Published February 7, 2023
"Will you die or will you survive?" Get ready for what's coming!... a new book that could save lives.

Atlanta, GA - With daily headlines dominated by the financial crisis, global recession, growing unrest, global pandemics, extreme weather events, diseases, disasters, global famine, and predictions and prophecies about wars, the need to be prepared has never been more evident.

This new book "Will you die or will you survive" by Dr N.B. the founder of the Inner Magick organization is about helping readers get prepared physically and spiritually to survive the very real and imminent possibility of some very difficult times ahead while revealing rare insights about dying and longevity.

"The book is for everyone who loves to be prepared and does not like getting caught off guard; It is packed with useful advice, uncommon techniques, and plans for surviving the tough times ahead, and it is a great read for everyone," said Dianna Lynn, spokesperson for Inner

The book answers the most controversial questions for its readers such as:

“What is going on in our world?”, “Are these the end times?”, ”Is there a radical change coming?”

“How to prepare yourself for what's coming?”, “Do you have a pre-set date to leave earth?”, ”Can you decide when you want to leave earth? “Can you postpone or delay your leaving earth time?”, “What do (Do and Not Do) if you want to live longer.” And much, much more! 

"The reason for this book", tells the author "is to help readers prepare for and survive the tough times that are sure to come." In these uncertain times, I think everyone should be prepared for the unthinkable" continues Dr N.B.

Dr N.B. is an intuitive consultant, an ordained minister with an honorary doctor of divinity degree, a published author, a researcher, and a spiritual coach who is passionate about helping clients live healthier, wealthier, happier, more fulfilling and more purposeful life.

In contrast to conventional coaching and consulting, Dr N.B. has a strong connection with her clients and uses a comprehensive, intuitive approach to discover why they are stuck and unable to achieve their goals in life. She assists them in identifying the barriers that stand in their way while also receiving higher guidance on how to best support them in overcoming those obstacles and living the life of their dreams. She does this by combining ancient wisdom, spirit guides, traditional and intuitive techniques like tarot, numerology, energetic consciousness, and astrology.

"Simple and Powerful, Dr NB offers nothing less than the long sought-after missing link between life and death. In doing so, she answers the oldest questions, and solves the deepest mysteries of death." States Thierry Robbin about "Will you die or will you survive" book.

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