Nature's Rise Studies the Power of Medicinal Mushrooms to Help Women Balance their Hormones During Menopause

Published February 19, 2023
Sacramento, California -

Sacramento, California – Nature's Rise, a research-based healthcare company, has announced the launch of a new study investigating the potential of medicinal mushrooms to help women balance their hormones during menopause. The research is led by Dr. Sony Sherpa, MD, a leading expert in herbal medicine and nutrition, working with Nature's Rise CEO David Longacre to identify the health benefits of four mushrooms: Maitake, Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, and Chaga.

Nature's Rise is committed to providing women with natural and holistic treatments that can help them optimize their health during menopause. The research team will study the effects of these four medicinal mushrooms on hormone balance, dementia prevention, and overall health.


They will measure various biomarkers, including changes in estrogen levels, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and inflammation levels. Furthermore, they will also look at changes in cognitive functioning and overall quality of life. Additionally, the research team plans to collaborate with other experts in the field to integrate their findings with existing evidence on medicinal mushrooms. Dr. Sony Sherpa believes that if the results are promising, it could lead to a new era of natural remedies to help women cope with menopause-related symptoms.

David Longacre is optimistic about what these findings could mean for Nature's Rise and women's health: "We are incredibly excited about this initiative and the potential for these medicinal mushrooms to make a real impact in women's healthcare." Furthermore, he said, "We hope that our efforts will result in more effective treatments for helping those suffering from menopause-related symptoms find relief without having to resort to harsh pharmaceutical medications."

Hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings can be challenging to manage without the proper treatment. Through their research, the team hopes to find an effective solution for treating these symptoms. In addition to this, they also plan to investigate how Maitake mushrooms can help boost immunity, improve cognitive function, and support cardiovascular health. By studying the effects of medicinal mushrooms on these conditions in particular, the team aims to provide women with a safe, natural option for improving their quality of life during menopause.

"We are excited to be conducting this research with Dr. Sherpa," said David Longacre, CEO of Nature's Rise. "Given the natural hormone-balancing properties of these mushrooms, we believe they could provide a safe and effective solution to help women manage their menopausal symptoms without relying on drugs or other synthetic treatments."

The 300 women in the study will be randomly divided into four groups, with each group receiving a daily dose of one of the four mushrooms. In addition, each participant will take their mushroom supplement orally as a pill or powder.

Throughout the trial period, they will be monitored for changes in their menopausal symptoms and overall health through regular online and in-person checkups. At these checkups, the team will record any changes in participants' symptoms or health and document any side effects that may be associated with the mushroom supplements.

At the end of the study, researchers will analyze collected data to determine if there were significant improvements in menopausal symptoms and overall health among those who took the mushroom supplements compared to those who didn't. If the results are promising, they will be published in peer-reviewed journals for further analysis and discussion within the scientific community.

Nature's Rise provides education and guidance to help women ease into the transition of menopause naturally. This includes natural approaches such as dietary and lifestyle modifications, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, and exercise that can help minimize or eliminate troublesome symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, and weight gain.

Nature's Rise also provides resources to support women in understanding the physical and emotional changes during menopause. For more information on how Nature's Rise uses natural solutions to boost women's health, visit


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