Motivating Your Start-Up Team: David El Dib Shares Top Leadership Strategies

Published March 23, 2023

When you’re working to create a successful start-up business, it can be tough to figure out the right way to lead your team. Here, David El Dib shares top leadership strategies to use when you’re building a company from the ground up.

Determine Your Vision

In order to get others on board with what you’re working to create, David El Dib says you need to have a clear idea of where your company is headed. Developing your mission statement and sharing it with your team can go a long way when it comes to helping your employees buy-in. Breaking down your mission statement into concrete, actionable goals with a deadline can also help your employees believe in your leadership and stay committed to moving the business forward. Remember, it’s ok to revisit your vision and change it if necessary–just keep your employees in the loop if you realize that your initial vision is no longer a good fit for your company.

Boost Your Communication Skills

You know where you want your company to go and what you need from your employees, but it’s key that you’re able to articulate well in order to move the business forward. Communication skills don’t come naturally for some people, and David El Dib recommends taking honest stock of how well you share your ideas and company needs with others. This is especially important when it comes to giving your employees feedback on their performance. Using the sandwich method of compliment–criticism–compliment can help your employees feel valued while also focusing on opportunities for growth.

Hear Your Employees Out

When you’re focused on the big picture in your company, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s happening day to day. It’s important that you take the time to listen to your employees who are putting in the hard work necessary to make your vision a reality. When your employees come to you with a suggestion or an idea, resist the urge to tell them why their suggestion wouldn’t work. Instead, hear them out fully, and give yourself some time to sit on their idea. Even if you decide ultimately that moving forward with their suggestion isn’t the right move, they’ll appreciate the respect and consideration you give their thoughts.

Know Your Skillset

There’s no doubt that you know your industry well, but that doesn’t mean every aspect of what you do will come easily to you. Knowing your own limitations (instead of thinking you can do everything on your own) is important when you’re working to build the trust of your employees. Don’t keep it a secret that you’re utilizing your network to grow your skills–this can foster a growth mindset with your employees and can make it easier for them to ask for help when needed.

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