Method Seven Debuts Closer TRAIL 26 — New Ultra Runner Sunglasses

Published March 20, 2023
Santa Cruz, California -

Santa Cruz, California based Method Seven, a specialty optics company, is pleased to debut their brand new ultra runner sunglasses, the Closer TRAIL 26. The collaborative group of scientists, engineers and problem-solvers are dedicated to unlocking the potential of human vision by mastering the spectrum of visible light.

CEO of Method Seven James Cox says, “If you are looking to transform your trail running experience, you need nothing other than the newest performance eyewear from Method Seven. We are very happy to introduce the Closer TRAIL 26, which is the perfect choice for trail runners who will not accept anything less than the best.”

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The Closer TRAIL 26 also uses a classically stylish, lightweight and functional frame that borrows inspiration from the Method Seven classic aviator frame. The performance eye wear boasts a gray-blue frame crafted from ultra lightweight Japanese hand-tooled titanium and features slip-free temple tips and nose pads designed for movement.

Additionally, it uses Method Seven’s custom-formulated TRAIL 26 polycarbonate lenses that are ultra lightweight and extra durable with anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic coatings. In addition to protecting against UV and infrared light, the lenses utilize notch filtering technology, which lets certain wavelengths of the visible light spectrum through more — and others less. Notch filtering allows for a crisper, clearer visual experience with less fatigue for the wearer’s eyes and brain for long hours on the trail. The lenses have a visible light transmission (VLT) of 26%, making it the perfect choice for exposed and tree-covered trails alike. It has a polarization of 30%, the sweet spot for all the glare protection trail runners need while keeping the crisp contrast required for technical trails.

Cox says, “Sure, we create sunglasses for ultra runners, but Method Seven is more than sunglasses. At Method Seven, our goal is to redefine eyewear. To change what it means to be a trail runner. You are more than a race result, and just as you should not settle for a community where your value is based on races finished or miles run, you have no cause nor reason to settle for a product that is less than the best.”

As Method Seven explains, more often than not, trail runners are hindered by eyewear that use lenses that inhibit sight and provide inadequate UV protection. Given how trail running is an intense activity, subpar eyewear can be a greater obstacle than anything runners might find on the trail. Method Seven believes that trail runners deserve the highest-quality optics so that they can see every obstacle along the way, and to that end, their products aim to protect trail runners’ eyes and enhance their experience.

An excellent example of their commitment to making the best performance eyewear is Method Seven’s Innovation Project. Cox says, “If we are to succeed in our mission we need you; the trail runners, the adventurers, the people who breathe life into this sport, to be on our team. The Innovation Project is a means by which you can contribute. All we need from you is the smartwatch data from your runs, and you will be directly helping us make better products.”

The Innovation Project will use cutting-edge data science to optimize peak running performance in real-time by tracking individual metrics across the duration of a run, including latitude, longitude, elevation, time, mileage, UV exposure, weather, and more. Method Seven leverages this critical data to assess the atmospheric experience of runners and better understand the range of risks and effects of UV light. The team at Method Seven Ultra Trail will analyze vital metrics from runs, study what factors impact runners most, and use that information to innovate their product engineering. M7 Ultra Trail HD, their upcoming collection of scientifically-developed eyewear built to the standard of professional runners, will be developed with this data and runners’ specific needs in mind.

Those who want to learn about Method Seven and the range of products the company has on offer should visit their official website for more information. James Cox encourages interested parties to get in touch with an agent of the company via email or phone for any questions or concerns. Method Seven also maintains a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


For more information about Method Seven, contact the company here:

Method Seven
James Cox
(831) 600-7455
1010 Fair Ave suite K, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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