Method Seven Creates Industry Standard Safety Glasses for Grow Light Setups

Published January 30, 2023
Santa Cruz, California -

Specialty optics company Method Seven is calling professional growers to find out more about the many grow light safety glasses that the company has to offer.

Method Seven has several sunglasses that have proven exceptionally useful to aviators, outdoor enthusiasts, and grow room professionals. The company prides itself on merging the best of engineering and design to create products that enable individuals and entrepreneurs to succeed in their chosen hobbies or profession. For those working in the nation’s burgeoning specialty horticulture industry, Method Seven has created grow room glasses that provide the wearer protection against harsh light from all parts of the visible spectrum.

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The spokesperson for Method Seven talks about why capable eye protection gear is paramount for professional growers by saying, “Your eyes have evolved over millennia to help you survive. Nature has primed them to be highly sensitive to visible light frequencies. The rods and cones, the cells in your eyes that enable healthy vision, need broad spectrum light to focus, recognize shapes, register movement and see color. However, when you are working for long hours under lighting conditions that are tuned for plants to grow rapidly, your eyes get affected by the constant bombardment of radiation from a narrow spectrum. It is not healthy for you in the long term with some experienced growers complaining of problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and damage to the cornea. Moreover, your ability to discern the quality of the product will also be affected. We know how passionate you are about your career. To make sure that you can perform to the best of your ability, we highly recommend investing in high-quality grow glasses, such as the offerings from Method Seven.”

Method Seven has a range of grow glasses for every kind of cultivation environment. Its HPS lineup is designed to be used under harsh High-Pressure Sodium lights which work in the intense yellow spectrum. The company’s lenses for working under Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) and Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) lamps, that range from 3,000°K to 4,200°K, protect the wearer against light containing high levels of UV and infrared. The company’s Blurple (Blue + Purple) LED lenses are designed for wearers who want to discern the true color and clarity of their cultivation under magenta, pink, and red spectrum lights.

Professionals who work under Metal Halide lamps, ranging from 6,500°K to 10,000°K, can rely on Method Seven’s MH grow glasses that have a silver plus coating to provide optimal color balancing and full protection from high levels of infrared heat. Its Full Spectrum LED Grow glasses give the wearer a perfect balance of dark and light to inspect the canopy with confidence. Finally, the company also creates outdoor grow glasses with polarizing technology to view everything from the phone to camera screens, perfectly.

Method Seven uses mineral glass lenses in its construction to eliminate the strobe effect caused by HPS and Metal Halide lights. It prides itself on using premium German mineral glass or world-class synthetics by world leader Zeiss Vision to create glasses with the best construction quality. All the lenses from the company are asymmetrically tuned to give the wearer a distortion-free and clear experience. Moreover, the company’s custom M7 lenses, used in the production of some of its most popular glasses, provide full UV protection eliminating UVA, UVB, and even UVC rays.

Reviews of the company’s grow glasses reflect the satisfaction that its customers feel with its products. One of the reviews for the Resistance 2 FX Classic, glasses designed for use under full spectrum LED and CMH lights, says, “I got them because I was getting headaches from the LEDs even with my regular sunglasses. Saw a grower on YouTube mention these so I looked into them and decided to give them a try. They work great! My eyes no longer feel strained and I’m not getting headaches!”

Readers can visit Method Seven’s website to browse through and place an order for its wholesale grow room glasses.


For more information about Method Seven, contact the company here:

Method Seven
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