Metal Pipe Painting For Portland Oregon Cooling Tower at Distribution Facility

Published February 16, 2023

Smith and Company Painting, a top Oregon painting company, announced the successful completion of restoring the piping of a 1,000,000-square-foot grocery distribution facility in Portland. This project, though a major undertaking that required the expertise of Smith and Company's experienced painting professionals. They were able to administer rust removal and restore the metal gas pipe and building railings, extending their lifetime.

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Removing rust and repainting gas pipes, water pipes, or coolant pipes are crucial maintenance tasks that should not be overlooked. Rust weakens the structure of the pipe system, leading to corrosion and eventually failure.

Smith and Company Painting's solution to rusted pipes or rusted railings is a corrosion-protective paint. It protects pipes from further rusting and corrosion while improving the aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the finished product will have an extended lifespan. This will allow the Portland grocery distribution center to save money in the long run.

Metal pipe painting and rusted railing painting require a clean surface. The team initially needed to conduct rust removal before adding the much-needed rust-protecting marine enamel paint.

With a dedication to using only superior materials, Smith and Company Painting used Maintenance and Marine Enamel from Cloverdale to complete this gas pipe painting project. It is a quick-drying, rust-protective paint for metal surfaces. The resurfaced pipes and railings will not only be durable and stand against constant wear and tear but will also carry exquisite aesthetic excellence.

This project was of great importance to Smith and Company Painting, as it demonstrated their commitment to providing high-quality and reliable painting solutions for large-scale industrial projects. The Portland grocery distribution center was the perfect opportunity to showcase Smith and Company Painting's capabilities.

Parker Smith, owner of the company, described this project as, "Gas pipe painting needs a meticulous contractor on this kind of job. From pressure washing to applying the corrosion-resistant paint, the distribution center was able to ensure the longevity and appearance of the facility's metal pipes and railings. Rusted railing painting and metal pipe painting cannot go unnoticed."

This project has been extremely advantageous, as it demonstrates Smith and Company's dedication to peak operational results through expert power washing and painting, marking them as an essential industrial painting service for the greater Portland area.

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