Mental Health Pioneer Margie Barilla is Disrupting Stigma and Access in 37 States

Published April 7, 2023

Margie Barilla, the founder of Mindcare Today, is on a mission to become a household name when it comes to mental health accessibility. Following her passion for improving and transforming the way people approach their mental health, she has established 15 outpatient mental health hospitals, along with the first ever printed publication intended as a resource for those seeking help. In order to continue spreading awareness and further disrupt any stigma around mental health, she will be touring 57 events in 37 states across the US.

Mindcare Today's primary goal is to improve male mental health and foster care, while also increasing access throughout the nation. Since its inception, this goal has been accomplished through its expansion into four different states. This rapidly expanding company has already served over 33,000 clients across four states and has made groundbreaking progress when it comes to transforming access and capability for entire states. The impact that this company can make in terms of how we look at and deal with our own mental health cannot be overstated.

Not only does this service provide individuals with greater access to resources regarding their mental wellbeing, but it also serves as a shining example of what dedication and commitment can do for an entire community. By challenging existing stigmas around seeking help for one's own mental wellbeing, Margie Barilla hopes that this movement will spread even wider than it already has - making it easier than ever before to find support wherever needed. With her 57 event tour schedule already planned, her mission is sure to reach many more lives soon.

Currently, Margie is inviting individuals and companies to partner with her and sponsor her nationwide initiative. From resources to referrals, these partnerships will become part of her influence and create better lives for individuals requiring mental health support.

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