Meet Ola Ka Ola: The Only Fitness and Wellness Platform for Women in Their 40s and Beyond

Published February 20, 2023
Ola Ka Ola is designed to help women in their 40s and beyond create a healthier and better version of themselves.

Ola Ka Ola is bringing the wellness revolution to women in their 40s and beyond. It is an innovative platform designed to meet the unique needs of this demographic, enabling them to achieve optimum health.

As women age, their hormones and bodies change. They lose some of their flexibility and have a harder time losing weight, so often, they find it challenging to engage in strenuous physical activities, let alone maintain a rigorous exercise routine.

Unfortunately, most fitness programs do not consider these physical and hormonal changes, making it difficult for older women to stay fit. Because of this, many give up trying to keep in shape, thinking that nothing can be done.

The Ola Ka Ola team disagrees.

"What worked when you were 20 is not how we do it after 40. Achieve your goals safely and effectively with the strongest community of like-minded women," says company founders Michal Lissauer and Neta Shacham.

As women in their 40s, both Lissauer and Shacham understand the hurdles women in this age group face. They have partnered with a team of fitness experts, nutritionists, health coaches, and specialists passionate about empowering older women. Together, they have developed a signature solution that enables members to get in shape and improve their natural health.

The platform offers a comprehensive list of curated programs that inspire women to take control of their health and well-being. It includes strength training, yoga, flexibility, Pilates programs, various live classes, and home workouts specifically designed for women over 40. There's also a host of other resources, including nutrition tips and recipes, to help members make lasting lifestyle changes.

Ola Ka Ola challenges the stereotypes of older women and their body image, dispelling myths that prevent them from trying new exercises and physical activities. It inspires them to overcome limiting beliefs and step into a healthier and fitter version of themselves. Most importantly, it provides the knowledge, motivation, and support needed to help women succeed in their fitness journey.

Through Ola Ka Ola, a growing number of women are embracing the concept that they, too, can be as confident, fit, and beautiful as their younger counterparts. Many have achieved transformational outcomes that changed how they perceive themselves and their relationship with their health.

Over the years, the company has helped thousands of women achieve their health and fitness goals, motivating them to keep moving forward and live their best lives.

Become a part of Ola Ka Ola's growing community of empowered, healthy women today:

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