Welcome to PawChain, a DeFi network powered by its native cryptocurrency $PAW

Published July 20, 2023

Welcome to PawChain, a DeFi network powered by its native cryptocurrency $PAW. Known for its significant growth, real utility, and a vibrant community, PawChain is aiming to re-shape the future of finance.


In the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance, one platform is carving out a path that others are destined to follow. Welcome to PawChain, a DeFi network powered by its native cryptocurrency $PAW. Known for its significant growth, real utility, and a vibrant community, PawChain is aiming to re-shape the future of finance.

With a past that witnessed a bull-run peak of a $100 million market cap and a present marked by continual evolution and growth, PawChain has solidified its standing in the DeFi sphere. Its current market cap of approximately $9 million, backed by the robust utility of its ecosystem, speaks volumes about its potential.

One of the cornerstones of PawChain's early success has been its innovative technology. Upon the launch of PawSwap, a platform for $PAW staking, nearly a quarter of the total supply was staked by the community within the first week. The platform now holds 29.28% of the total $PAW supply, a testament to the trust and enthusiasm that the community harbors for PawChain's vision.

This innovative streak extends to Paw Aggregator, an advanced trading tool providing best swap rates across multiple exchanges, and PawMerchant, a peer-to-peer trading platform that eliminates gas fees, enabling smoother and more cost-efficient transactions.

PawChain's democratic governance model, Paw DAO, empowers $PAW holders to influence the project's future. This synergy of community and technology defines the spirit of blockchain and decentralization.

While these established offerings have gathered significant attention, PawChain's future appears even brighter. One of the highly anticipated developments is PawChain's Layer-2 multi-chain solution, aiming to solve scalability issues and offering higher speeds with lower transaction costs.

Other plans include the PawSwap decentralized exchange, unique burning mechanics, a DeFi eCommerce Marketplace for blockchain integration by businesses, and POS systems to accept $PAW in physical stores. Upcoming projects like chain bridge, physical payment cards, and wallet hardware aim to deepen PawChain's footprint in the crypto world and broaden the utility of $PAW.

PawChain is committed to ensuring the utmost security and transparency for its users. The native token, $PAW, and the utilities build around it, are currently pending a Certik audit, a process nearing completion with 99% of the audit already done. This rigorous procedure speaks to PawChain's dedication to maintaining the highest security standards. Its prominence is highlighted by being one of the top 10% most-watched projects on Certik.

Furthermore, the PawChain community's commitment is exemplified by an impressive 30,000 votes in favor of Certik's KYC, resulting in a reduced fee. The network has also implemented an active bug bounty, promoting the community's involvement in strengthening the platform's security measures.

However, it's not just the innovative tech that is driving PawChain forward. The platform is also excelling in strategic partnerships, a key aspect of growth in the crypto world. Recently, PawChain teamed up with three major crypto marketing agencies to extend its reach and influence. One notable collaboration is with popular TV host Jazmin Pinedo, a move that will bring PawChain into the limelight like never before.

In addition to these strategic alliances, PawChain has been listed on numerous exchanges and continues to welcome new partnerships daily, further strengthening its foothold in the crypto space.

With a community nearing 10,000 holders and a team that includes core members from the early Shiba Inu team, PawChain's journey is nothing short of remarkable. The network isn't just riding the DeFi wave; it's shaping the future of the industry.

PawChain's journey is a testament to innovation, community involvement, and the power of partnerships. It's a revolution that invites everyone to be a part. To learn more about PawChain, visit their social media handles:

Website: https://www.pawecosystem.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pawchain
LinkTree: https://pawchain.build

As DeFi continues to evolve, platforms like PawChain that offer tangible value to users are set to lead the way. In a world where potential often overshadows practicality, PawChain stands as a beacon, illuminating the path to a decentralized, democratic, and innovative future of finance.

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Organization: PAW Ecosystem
Website: http://www.pawchain.io

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