Unveiling the Secret 'Knakal Map Room': A Revolutionary Approach to NYC Real Estate

Published July 25, 2023

Bob Knakal, a seasoned NYC real estate broker, unveils a unique approach to property development analysis in a new YouTube video. The video provides an exclusive tour of the secret 'Knakal Map Room,' promising to revolutionize the valuation and sale of development sites.


Bob Knakal, a leading figure in New York City's real estate market, unveils an innovative approach to property development analysis in a new YouTube video. The video provides an exclusive look into the secret 'Knakal Map Room' and presents a unique method of market analysis that will revolutionize the way developers understand, value, and sell development sites.

In the video, Knakal, a seasoned professional from JLL with 40 years of experience as a NYC commercial real estate broker, leads viewers through the Map Room, a clandestine location in the heart of New York City.

The room holds a massive Sanborn map, the product of 220 hours of meticulous fieldwork during the pandemic. The color-coded map, showing various stages of property development, demonstrates Knakal's commitment to understanding the market and maximizing value for clients.

"The map represents extensive research and analysis," Knakal explains. "We highlighted every building under construction in green, every single parcel development site in orange, and potential assemblage sites in yellow. I undertook this project to understand where the opportunity was and how to accurately value development sites."

The video also reveals the robust pipeline that Knakal developed from this endeavor, a result of tracking every demolition and building permit issued since the summer of 2020. Knakal believes this pipeline is the most accurate that exists anywhere in the market.

"We divided the data into five buckets: residential rentals, residential condos, hotels, offices, and a miscellaneous bucket that includes healthcare properties, educational properties, retail properties, and all others that don't fit into one of the first four property types," Knakal explains. "This division helps us understand how much more supply is coming on in a particular neighborhood, which is crucial for accurate valuation."

In addition to the pipeline, Knakal has also compiled comprehensive comparable sale data, which he refers to as the 'Knakal Land Index.' This index, which is set to be released soon, analyzes data from 1984 to the present, making it the most comprehensive land study ever conducted about the Manhattan market.

The Map Room serves not just as a repository of data but also as a hub for potential sellers. Knakal invites anyone considering selling a development site to visit the Map Room, learn about the market, and receive a highly accurate valuation based on the extensive data available.

"Even if you're not considering hiring us, come in and take a look. I guarantee it'll be worth your while. You'll learn so much about what's happening in the market," Knakal said.

This video showcases Knakal's innovative approach to real estate, combining traditional methods with new strategies to provide the best service to his clients. It's a must-watch for anyone interested in the NYC real estate market, offering valuable insights into the industry's future.

Viewers can now watch the video at https://youtu.be/8LcX63banQQ.

About Us: Robert "Bob" Knakal is a Senior Managing Director at JLL, a global leader in real estate services and investment management. With a career spanning four decades, Bob has brokered 2,259 property sales in New York City, more than any other individual, solidifying his status as a leading figure in the industry. At JLL, Bob spearheads the New York Private Capital Group, where he applies his extensive experience and innovative strategies to deliver exceptional results for clients. Known for his revolutionary approach to property development analysis, Bob continues to redefine the real estate landscape.

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