The Singaporean Division of FFST GROUP INC is Established: A Leap Forward in the Development of Global Media IP

Published August 3, 2023

The Singaporean Division of FFST GROUP INC is Established: A Leap Forward in the Development of Global Media IP


On July 14th, following the acquisition of governmental permissions and the completion of related procedures, the media company FFST GROUP INC (FFST) will establish a branch in Singapore. Upon integrating human resources and further studying the local business environment, FFST will officially commence its comprehensive group operations. Internally, it is anticipated that the establishment will be completed within three months. The formation of this Singaporean division is a testament to the composite strength of FFST in the era of digital integrated marketing, as well as the milestones achieved in its global expansion.

Amid the momentum of advanced digital technologies and rapid development, Singapore stands as one of the most mature international business hubs of today, ranking fourth in terms of GDP per capita, boasting a 92% internet penetration rate, and with a staggering 89.5% of Singaporeans active social media users. Numerous international enterprises have embraced digital marketing here, as evidenced by the increase in digital ad expenditure to $1.13 billion in 2022, indicating the potential for growth and presenting an optimistic signal for FFST's expansion.

As Singapore transitions into an international hub for digital media and content creation, it paves the way for more opportunities in various media and industries, invigorating FFST with renewed vitality and innovative openness in the media experience. During the era of traditional advertising, centralized platforms monopolized and unfairly distributed control between creators and audiences. FFST, however, is reshaping the content distribution and advertising industry by introducing cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, placing users at its foundation.

Since its inception in 2003, FFST has consistently committed to high-quality, innovative development, possessing top-tier service experience within the industry. Its services accurately meet audience needs. It maintains openness to all while preserving a high degree of independence, ensuring that users at all levels can readily enjoy the powerful features of platform programmatic technology and the benefits it brings. Consequently, it enjoys popularity in the market, with the platform receiving over ten million visitors per month.

FFST ensures inclusivity and sustainability in global finance and aims to benefit as many people as possible. For instance, it continues to strengthen its capabilities to provide a potent revenue-generating tool to uplift others, allowing everyone to enjoy the dividends of the traffic boom equally. Currently, FFST has established branches in over 200 countries, and it plans to further its development to create an international media IP.

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