The ChargeFast power bank has become a global sensation, poised to secure a foreign investment of 40 million dollars from a premier Japanese corporation.

Published August 3, 2023

The ChargeFast power bank has become a global sensation, poised to secure a foreign investment of 40 million dollars from a premier Japanese corporation.


On July 17th, As the ubiquity of smartphones and mobile devices pervades, an increasing population has sought refuge in power banks for their energy needs, thereby propelling the shared power bank market into an era of rapid development. This growth has simultaneously unfurled unprecedented investment opportunities for ChargeFast. ChargeFast has magnetized the interest of leading investment groups, and is now poised to receive a significant foreign investment of 40 million dollars from a top-tier Japanese corporation. The infusion of capital is expected to elevate service quality for global consumers, with ongoing negotiations between the parties hinting at promising outcomes.

According to a research report, the shared power bank market is forecasted to achieve a market value in the hundreds of billions of dollars by 2030. The market has seen a sustained ascent in demand due to the affordability of shared power banks and a more defined consumer mentality, resulting in a progressively expanding industry scale. Indeed, shared power banks remain a necessity, particularly for consumers on the go. ChargeFast's approach offers a fresh benchmark on how to seize this market and extend one's reach further.

Established in 2017 in Hong Kong, ChargeFast pioneered the shared charger rental service. They also leveraged electronic screens at shared charging stations to offer advertising services and catered to consumer needs with targeted promotions in specific regions or scenarios based on customer demographics, sparking a revolutionary shift in the industry.

Following years of growth, ChargeFast has been chosen by over 400 domestic and international corporate clients. Their product line extends across Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Southeast Asia, and has achieved commendable market performance and reputation worldwide, earning sincere praise from industry peers and media.

ChargeFast remains steadfast in its commitment to international development, envisioning the shared power bank business from a global perspective, building a top-tier brand with international standards, and actively expanding its global marketing network. Capitalizing on the characteristics of the sharing economy to rapidly capture the market, it has launched several products in response to industry developments and demonstrated ChargeFast's comprehensive strength to the world. The company also plans to expand its operations to the Kyrgyzstan market by year-end, accelerating its global expansion.

In terms of technology and services, ChargeFast strongly advocates for technological innovation and industry upgrades, developing high-performance shared power banks, pioneering novel charging systems, and integrating smart charging technology to make shared power banks more intelligent, convenient, and safe. Furthermore, ChargeFast is speeding up the enhancement of battery safety and reliability, effectively demonstrating the social value of shared power banks, and better satisfying consumer needs.

Concerning safety and reliability, ChargeFast meets global environmental certification standards. All production undergoes rigorous monitoring to satisfy the strictest standards (including CB/CE/FCC/PSE/IEC), and employs high-density safety batteries. Their products perform admirably in terms of safety protection, with over 2.3 million rental points worldwide, and have been chosen and trusted by over ten million users globally.

In the future, ChargeFast will continue to optimize itself, nurture diversified business, enhance technical and service capabilities, and evolve into a global shared services group.

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