Rockhurst University Introduces Online Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership to Prepare Strategic and Inclusive Leaders

Published July 26, 2023

Rockhurst University is proud to announce the launch of its online Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Education and Leadership program, Organizational Leadership concentration. This program has been designed to help working professionals enhance their knowledge and skills to become inclusive leaders in today's ever-changing workplace.


In the evolving workplace of 2023 and beyond, organizational leaders must deepen their knowledge of historical and modern organizational frameworks and understand the key issues shaping today's landscape. Rockhurst University's Ed.D. in Education and Leadership program, with an Organizational Leadership concentration, prepares students to become strategic and ethical leaders who drive positive change in diverse organizations. This two-year online degree equips students with research skills, systems thinking, and the ability to contribute to the body of knowledge on critical issues. By completing this program, graduates gain the confidence to become influential voices in their industries and inspire others to create meaningful change.

The Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership Online is designed to prepare students with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead teams successfully in the contemporary world. The program offers a wide range of courses designed to develop effective leadership in corporate and educational settings. Some of the key courses offered in this program include:

  • Managerial Communications: Students learn strategies for clear and persuasive communication, including written, oral, and digital communication methods, with an emphasis on effective communication within organizational contexts.

  • Organizational Behavior: Students examine theories and concepts related to motivation, teamwork, leadership styles, and organizational culture.

  • Innovation: Students learn the essential role of business innovation, encompassing both entrepreneurial and corporate aspects, and are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to foster creativity and improve enterprise results, whether through individual creativity or collective strategic efforts.

  • Organizational Change: Students learn strategies for leading and managing change within educational contexts, including change models, resistance to change, stakeholder engagement, and creating a culture of change.

These courses, along with others offered in the program, provide students with a holistic understanding of leadership, communication, organizational behavior, innovation, and change management within corporate, public, non-profit, or educational organizations. By completing these courses, students develop the necessary skills to drive change across various organizations.

Rockhurst's Ed.D. program stands out by providing students with the opportunity to earn an optional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Certificate through a selection of elective courses. The graduate DEI Certificate courses equip students with a distinctive and applicable skill set to effectively tackle prevalent organizational challenges and align with DEI objectives. By obtaining this certificate, students develop into DEI-educated leaders, possessing a profound comprehension of DEI principles and their practical implementation within diverse organizations. As a result, these professionals become indispensable assets to their respective organizations, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

"This certificate enhances the value of virtually any degree program at the University," said Nilufer Guler, Ph.D., associate professor of education and director of the Ed.D. program. "The skills that students acquire as part of this DEI coursework, in particular a deeper sense of appreciation for others' experiences and the ability to holistically address the challenges facing the world today, are invaluable."

In addition to the Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership Online, the Ed.D. program offers three other concentrations:

  • The Health Care Education Concentration: With this program, students will gain the credentials and specialized knowledge to address the health educator shortage and equip the next generation of health care practitioners.

  • The K-12 Leadership Concentration: This program prepares graduates to lead with confidence, make informed decisions, and effectively address the unique challenges faced by K-12 educational institutions in a rapidly changing environment.

  • The Higher Education Concentration: This program equips educators to tackle the unique challenges faced by colleges and universities, drive institutional improvement, and make a meaningful impact on the lives of students and the broader higher education community.

Rockhurst University's Ed.D in Organizational Leadership program is entirely online, designed specifically for working professionals. Online courses allow students to study on their own schedule, stay in their desired state, and continue working while earning their doctorate part-time, while the cohort-based structure gives students access to a community of organizational leaders across the nation. In addition to dedicated faculty and staff, the program provides support services, a robust online library, and career services. As a result, students can earn their doctorate on their terms without sacrificing their daily responsibilities and lifestyle.

For more information about the Ed.D. in Education and Leadership program at Rockhurst University and its Ed.D in Organizational Leadership and other concentrations offered, visit the program's website or contact the University's admissions office.

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