Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Biography

Published August 31, 2023

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's biography tells the story of one of the world's most influential religious leaders.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's biography tells the story of one of the world's most influential religious leaders.

In the world of spiritual leadership, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's biography stands as a testament to his dedication, influence, and mission to spread faith. As the visionary founder of Christ Embassy, also known as LoveWorld Inc., Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's journey has attracted worldwide attention and impacted countless lives with his teachings and message of hope.

Who is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and What is LoveWorld?

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's biography introduces us to one of the world's most influential and respected religious leaders. Born on December 7th, 1963, in Edo State, Nigeria, his early life was strongly influenced by Christianity. This foundation strengthened his dedication to spreading God's love to the world and uplifting humanity. Founded in 1987, Christ Embassy, known as LoveWorld Inc., emerged under Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's leadership. It quickly gained worldwide recognition, expanding its influence with over 100 branches worldwide, including countries like the United States, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Canada, and South Africa. His ministry has become a hub for people seeking spiritual guidance, healing, and empowerment and continues to expand its reach.

From Childhood Devotion to Global Leadership: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Family's Influence

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's biography delves into the family background that influenced his faith journey. His parents, who lived Christian lifestyles, inspired in him the values of compassion, service, and devotion. His father, T.E. Oyakhilome, was one of the first leaders of the Assemblies of God Church in Benin City, Nigeria. This legacy of service laid the foundation for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's strong commitment to God's message. The biography of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also reveals the significant influence of his family on the LoveWorld Ministry. His brother, Reverend Ken, is an influential figure as the pastor of Christ Embassy's Houston branch. As a Christ Embassy Central Executive Council member, he plays a vital role in leading the ministry's efforts. Kathy Woghiren, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's sister, is likewise essential to the LoveWorld Ministry. She is the Director of the LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry and the LoveWorld Creative Arts Academy, contributing to the ministry's cultural and artistic aspects. Additionally, she heads the LoveWorld Records Label and is a gospel songwriter, enhancing the ministry's creative world.

Generational Impact: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Biography's Influence

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has two daughters, Charlene, and Carissa Sharon Oyakhilome. Charlene and Carissa Sharon's roles expand beyond their father's legacy; they contribute significantly to the LoveWorld Ministry's mission. Carissa Sharon, also known as CSO, has achieved remarkable success as a recording artist. Her active involvement in the LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry is a testament to the family's enduring commitment to spreading faith through various forms of creative expression. Charlene and Carissa Sharon's contributions demonstrate a family tradition dedicated to uplifting people's spirits and touching their hearts through the powerful combination of music and ministry. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's journey began with his passion for education and a strong desire to share God's message. He attended Edo College, which set him on a path of academic pursuits, leading to a scholarship opportunity to study architecture at Bendel State University. During this time, he felt a deep calling to spread the word of God, marking the start of a remarkable path. At the university, he founded the fellowship Youth for Christ. As a leader, he shared teachings that resonated deeply with his students, leading to the organization's rapid growth and popularity. This vital organization laid the foundation for establishing Christ Embassy in 1987, marking the birth of a spiritual haven. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's ministry has embraced new technologies that help his message reach beyond borders. LoveWorldSAT, the first African Christian TV station with a global audience, showcased his commitment to connecting with hearts through modern platforms. Together with Pastor Benny Hinn, he established the tv channel LoveWorld USA, showcasing the power of media in bringing people closer to their faith.

A Light in the Darkness: Navigating COVID-19

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's biography also captures the essence of his response to challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, which got its grip on the world at the beginning of 2020. Despite global restrictions, his ministry continued to offer comfort and optimism. Through various online events, including the historic Global Day of Prayer against the coronavirus, the pastor reached millions digitally, giving them hope in uncertain times. Beyond his role as a spiritual leader, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's impact and influence extend to acts of kindness. The pandemic's impact on vulnerable communities led him to distribute food relief packages and Christ Embassy books, including his daily devotional "Rhapsody of Realities" Among Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's contributions is "Rhapsody of Realities," a daily devotional accessible in over 7000 languages. The daily guide offers insights from sacred scriptures, cultivating personal growth and understanding. It is structured in chapters featuring themes, verses, messages, confessions, and Bible reading plans, delivering the depth of God's word to countless lives daily. Initially published in 2001 in English by LoveWorld Publishing, "Rhapsody of Realities" has expanded its global reach through dedicated partnerships with translators. Embracing the digital age, it now offers free apps for iOS and Android, ensuring that people worldwide can access its spiritual wisdom. "Rhapsody of Realities" is a testament to the pastor's devotion to spiritual growth and compassionate service.It demonstrates his commitment to cultivating spiritual growth and guiding individuals toward a profound connection with their faith.

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