Jing Zhanlei, Chairman of Xi 'an Ledao Biological Technology Co. Ltd, Leads China's Dairy Farming Market with Innovative Products and Techniques

Published August 8, 2023

China's dairy cattle breeding market has long been troubled by problems of hoof disease and abuse of veterinary antibiotics. With innovative products and technology, Ms. Jing Zhanlei's team offers new solutions and leads the Chinese dairy farming market to a new stage of development.


China's dairy farming market has been troubled by a number of problems for a long time, such as hoof disease, a major disease that endangers the health of dairy cows, and the abuse of veterinary antibiotics. After years of technical research and development with her work team, Ms. Jing Zhanlei, Chairman of Xi'an Ledao Biological Technology Co., Ltd., has launched the first fully automatic intelligent hoof bath machine in China and provided a scientific and efficient solution for the prevention and control of dairy cow hoof disease. In addition, her team has also managed to reduce the amount of usage of antibiotics by rolling out five new mass-produced veterinary antibiotics with innovative medical technology. With innovative new products and technology, Ms. Jing and her team lead the Chinese dairy farming market to a new stage of development.

Dairy cow hoof disease is the third primary threat of the health of dairy cows after mastitis and reproductive disorders. The culling rate caused by hoof disease accounts for 19% of the total culling rate of the dairy cow farm, significantly higher than other diseases. In addition, hoof disease can also lead to a series of problems such as reduced fecundity, low milk supply, deteriorated milk quality, and rising treatment costs. Therefore, large-scale dairy farms suffer huge economic losses due to hoof diseases every year.

For a long time, foot bath is the most commonly used measure for the prevention and control of hoof diseases in large-scale pastures. However, the conventional hoof bathhouses often cause cross-infection of hoof diseases since the infrastructure are generally fixed and immovable, often overloaded and difficult to be cleaned.

Ms. Jing Zhanlei with her team of Xi'an Ledao Biological Technology Co., Ltd. has an in-depth understanding of the dairy farm market demand. After years of technical research and development, the team launched China's first fully automatic intelligent hoof bath machine, which has filled the gap in China's dairy cow hoof bath intelligent equipment market. They have applied for a patent of innovation for the protection of the machine. The machine has realized automatic spraying and flushing and thorough cleaning for large-scale hoof baths, and thus avoided cross-contamination of hoof disease pathogens and feces effectively. Moreover, automatic liquid dosing in hind hoof baths, automatic counting of hoof baths, automatic cleaning of bathhouses, this scientific technological solution has significantly improved the efficiency of dairy cows'hoof baths, greatly reduced labor costs, and soundly solved the pain points of large-scale pastures. As expected, it has been widely accepted and promoted by the market. The farming enterprises of China's listed dairy corporations, such as Yili Group, Mengniu Dairy, Wens Group, etc, placed long-term orders and looked for cooperations.

To solve the problem of antibiotics abuse, Ms. Jing Zhanlei's R&D team has become China's first one to master the crystal transformation process for veterinary drugs after years' efforts. Compared with similar products in the market, the company's crystal transformation products have achieved remarkable improvements: the solubility is 10-20 times higher; the curative effect is 2-3 times better, managing to reduce the use of antibiotics remarkably.

By far, Ms. Jing Zhanlei's team has released 5 new veterinary products, which are much favored by the livestock farming market. Occupying a 20% share of the high-end livestock farming market, Ledao has established itself as a leader in the field of veterinary medicine in China.

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