Introducing Proof Stacking: The Marketing Powerhouse Transforming Brands

Published August 4, 2023

One Page Case Studies, co-founded by Caroline Vega and Ed Winslow, announces Proof Stacking--a strategy combining customer success stories, project case studies, and press releases to combat consumer doubt. This innovative approach helps brands instill trust, bolster visibility, and foster enduring customer relationships.


One Page Case Studies, a respected marketing education platform, today announces its groundbreaking innovation--Proof Stacking. This pioneering strategy combats consumer doubt, instilling unwavering belief in brands by combining the powerful narratives of customer success stories and detailed project case studies with effective press releases.

Caroline Vega and Ed Winslow, co-founders of One Page Case Studies, developed Proof Stacking with the notion that customer skepticism is a major barrier to marketing success.

"Recognizing consumer doubt as our adversary, we developed Proof Stacking to confront it head-on," shared Winslow.

Central to this strategy are success stories and project case studies. Success stories present engaging narratives of customers' transformative journeys, creating potent emotional connections.

Project case studies, on the other hand, document the progression of projects, like construction or flooring renovations, providing tangible evidence of a business's competence and results.

"We guide marketers in showcasing their heroes--satisfied customers and successful projects," Winslow explained. "By sharing authentic narratives of customer transformation and illustrating the evolution of projects from start to finish, we help our clients capture their audience's interest and trust."

Press releases, the second pillar of Proof Stacking, amplify the reach of these success stories and project case studies. Acting as a conduit between these narratives and the media, press releases bolster brand visibility and credibility.

"Pairing success stories and project case studies with press releases forms a potent alliance that leaves a lasting impression on audiences. The relatability of success stories, the tangible evidence of project case studies, and the authoritative endorsement of press releases converge to instill a deep-seated trust in our brands," Winslow noted.

To introduce this revolutionary marketing strategy, One Page Case Studies released a comprehensive video on the art of Proof Stacking. The video offers insights into the strategy's core principles and best practices, equipping marketers to transform skeptics into advocates, stimulate engagement, and foster enduring relationships.

Businesses ready to utilize the power of Proof Stacking can access the video at and delve into a detailed blog post at

To master the art of Proof Stacking, interested parties may join the One Page Case Studies Mastermind. Visit to unlock the secrets to building unwavering trust with your audience.

About Us: One Page Case Studies is an innovative marketing education platform dedicated to equipping businesses with game-changing strategies to amplify their brand impact. Co-founded by marketing experts Caroline Vega and Ed Winslow, the platform leverages the power of real-world success stories and detailed project case studies, paired with the reach of press releases, to overcome consumer skepticism and establish profound trust. Guiding numerous marketers towards excellence, One Page Case Studies continues to revolutionize marketing approaches, nurturing enduring customer relationships and fostering business growth. For more information, visit

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