Introducing GoodEgg - Revolutionize Fresh Egg Cleaning with the World's First Purpose-Built Egg Brush

Published August 1, 2023

Live on Kickstarter, easily clean and sanitize eggs with GoodEgg.


GoodEgg introduces an ingenious solution for cleaning and sanitizing fresh eggs with the world's first purpose-built egg brush. The revolutionary product has already made waves on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, achieving a remarkable funding milestone of over $73k in just under 10 days.

The rising trend of homesteading and backyard chicken ownership has created an unprecedented demand for an innovative tool like GoodEgg. The time consuming task of cleaning fresh eggs before consumption has always been the most annoying part of the process.

Fresh eggs possess a natural protective bloom on their shells that guard the inside from harmful bacteria found in fecal matter, dirt, and mud. Until now, there hasn't been a dedicated tool to simplify the cleaning and sanitization process for individual backyard eggs. GoodEgg's pioneering design fills this gap, offering a dedicated brush that ensures eggs can be eaten with peace of mind, clean from any unwanted external contamination.

Improving on traditional methods like dish brushes, sponges and rags, GoodEgg delivers an endlessly reusable silicone brush that is dishwasher-safe, food-friendly, and patent-pending. Its innovative design cradles the egg, while over 600 flexible silicone nubs maximize debris removal, ensuring efficient and effective cleaning.

But fresh eggs shouldn't just be clean, they should also be sanitary. So the founders worked with partners to create GoodEgg Wash--an organic, all-natural enzyme cleanser that sanitizes without penetrating the egg shell. With a foaming pump head, it dissolves surface debris and contaminants like salmonella. With the GoodEgg Brush and Wash, cleaning fresh eggs has never been easier or more effective.

GoodEgg's journey to market was not without its challenges. The team was ready to launch last year, but co-founder Amy Van Leuven's battle with stage 4 breast cancer, while pregnant, led to a temporary hold on the project. However, with Amy now in remission and a healthy baby girl welcomed into the world, the company has a renewed commitment to support individuals and families affected by cancer. As part of their initiative, 10% of all profits from GoodEgg will directly aid those dealing with cancer-related struggles.

Co-founder Bryce Van Leuven expressed the importance of abandoning ineffective cleaning methods, saying, "It's time to stop cleaning eggs with scrubbers, washcloths, sponges, dish brushes, or anything else that was never designed to effectively remove debris and disease." By supporting GoodEgg's efforts early on, backers contribute to bringing this extraordinary product to market while helping the family's mission of promoting local eating, sustainable living, and prioritizing health.

GoodEgg is now live and available for support on Kickstarter:

About GoodEgg

GoodEgg(TM) is a family-owned business driven by a mother-inventor-cancer-survivor-led team. Their flagship product, The Original Egg Brush(TM), has revolutionized backyard egg cleaning, making homesteading chores faster, easier, and more sanitary. Beyond delivering exceptional egg-cleaning solutions, GoodEgg remains dedicated to giving back to individuals and families affected by cancer. Their food-safe silicone brush and 99% organic, all-natural enzyme wash ensure a delightful and hassle-free egg-cleaning experience.

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