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Published June 2, 2023

Ask An Audiologist is a collective of experts and professionals determined to serve people with hearing loss conditions.


Hearing loss can be age-related, congenital, or caused by external factors attributed to occupational noise-induced conditions or sudden exposure to loud noises. The effects of hearing loss can vary, and an individual can experience permanent or temporary hearing loss.

Whatever the cause, hearing loss will significantly impact an individual's quality of life, and people seeking hearing loss help can contact Ask An Audiologist for guidance on the most effective hearing loss solutions and coping strategies to meet their needs.

There are three main categories of hearing loss. Conductive Hearing Loss is caused by something that stops sound from getting past the outer or middle ear and can usually be treated through medicine or surgery.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss is caused by an issue in how the inner ear or hearing nerve works, and depending on its severity can be treated with hearing aids, cochlear implants, or a combination of both.

Mixed Hearing Loss displays both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss conditions. This type of hearing loss typically requires treatment of the conductive issue followed by appropriately addressing the sensorineural hearing loss.

Experts and professionals in this field recommend hearing aids as the primary means to address hearing loss. These devices are designed to amplify sounds and improve the overall perception of sound for individuals with hearing impairment.

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The first step for an individual with hearing loss is to contact an audiologist to conduct a hearing test to determine the best device to suit the hearing loss condition. Depending on the symptoms experienced, the audiologist may choose to do one of several tests available.

The Pure-Tone test detects the faintest tone a person can hear at different pitches using special earphones to test each ear individually. The results are shown on an audiogram.

Speech testing may be conducted in a quiet or loud environment to record the faintest speech, with the subject repeating every word to the audiologist to ascertain how well each word is recognized correctly.

Middle ear testing involves a tympanometry test, which looks for fluid in the middle ear, perforation in the eardrum, or wax buildup in the ear canal. The audiologist will also take acoustic reflex measures to pinpoint the possible location of the hearing problem and the type of hearing loss.

Otoacoustic Emissions Testing (OAEs) helps audiologists determine if there is a blockage in the outer ear canal or fluids in the middle ear. This type of test is commonly used to detect congenital hearing loss.

With advanced technology, modern hearing aids offer many features, including noise reduction, directional microphones, and Bluetooth connectivity. Hearing aids can be customized to suit specific hearing needs, ensuring a tailored solution for each individual.

There are many styles and types of hearing aids that can help people with hearing loss cope in their daily lives. For instance, In-the-Canal hearing aids work better with people with mild to moderate hearing loss, picking up less wind noise and producing excellent sound quality.

Some people with hearing loss have difficulty understanding words. Speech clarity in noisy environments or crowded places is harder to pick up as the noise level could mask the speech signal the person wishes to hear. Most premium hearing aids can strip off different background noise signals of the received signal and only amplify the speech signal.

At Ask An Audiologist's website, people struggling with hearing loss can seek expert advice on all matters related to hearing loss, from affordable to high-end hearing aids for people of all ages and conditions to accredited stores across the U.S. where people can buy them.

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