From Fixing ACs to Building a Powerful Brand: The Chilling Success of an HVAC & Appliance Repair Franchise

Published August 6, 2023

From Fixing ACs to Building a Powerful Brand: The Chilling Success of an HVAC & Appliance Repair Franchise


In November 2018, nestled in a rented garage in South San Jose, a vision was born. This vision revolved around a simple, yet compelling, idea: a franchise that trained individuals to become HVAC entrepreneurs. This was the birth of Fuse, an endeavor initiated in a humble setting costing merely $1000 per month. The inception wasn't fancy but ambitious - the garage was emptied out at the behest of the founder's wife who found the array of equipment challenging to maneuver around, especially with kids.

Fuse's birth, however, was merely the start of a journey that extended from California to a nationwide franchise. This growth was fueled by the popularity of its unique services and the huge demand for HVAC installation and repair. This is why Fuse's founder, Ruslan Khusniyarov, decided to transform his single company, Fuse Service Inc, located in California, into a prosperous franchise network across the country.

Achieving goals in the land of opportunity

What made this journey more remarkable was that Fuse was an immigrant's dream, brought to life in a foreign land. The United States, a land of opportunities and a hub for immigrant entrepreneurs, fostered the growth of Fuse. While the journey was certainly not without its challenges, this success story is a testament to the possibilities the United States offers to entrepreneurs, irrespective of their origins. Actually, one of the things that surprises Ruslan the most about the US is its cosmopolitan vibe. Practically every person that he knows here hasn't lived in the country for more than 20 years.

Fuse's story is one of continual learning and adaptation. If we can learn something from Fuse's journey is the importance of sharing knowledge and developing businesses in other cities. The founder of Fuse understood that not every technician wants to or can open their own business. Not everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit that drives a person to constantly research, develop ideas, and look after a project. However, Ruslan saw that these people could open their own companies by accessing the right knowledge. In other words, they could contribute to a larger network and participate in the creation of a successful franchise, all they needed is a good training scheme and ongoing support.

Moreover, the brand serves as a role model for new entrepreneurs, especially if they are immigrants. Many franchisees experience faster and more stable growth, with some approaching the main company's revenue. In other words, they show the next generations what they can achieve in a few years while they provide all the necessary resources.

The challenges in building this robust franchise network are many. The significant hurdle was and continues to be selecting business partners for the future franchise network. Overcoming this involves careful evaluation and due diligence so that the new subsidiary delivers the right quality. It's worth mentioning that this industry requires its share of legal processes, especially when it comes to licenses, whose requirements change in different states.

What makes Fuse unique

Despite all difficulties, today, the reach of Fuse extends across more than five states. However, its vision encompasses a much wider scope than geographical expansion. As a unique franchise in the industry, Fuse offers newcomers an affordable entry into entrepreneurship, with a franchise fee of just $9000 and a royalty of 3% of the overall revenue.

At the heart of Fuse, there is an emphasis on training and efficiency. Their service is comprehensive as they train all the staff: dispatchers, technicians, helpers, etc. This includes dealing with permits, licenses, handling various types of equipment, and other vital knowledge for the HVAC personnel. As Fuse works with major brands such as Mitsubishi, Carrier, and Daikin, they surely can offer the proper help to build a successful HVAC business. Moreover, to make this knowledge accessible to all, Fuse has an open school called "Fuse School of HVAC, Refrigeration, Electrical and Plumbing." This initiative extends its training programs beyond its franchise network, creating an additional revenue stream and a pool of potential employees.

What makes Fuse unique is its systematic processes, manuals, and explanatory videos. And for those who prefer a hands-on approach, they provide training at their San Jose office. This focus on systematic and efficient training makes Fuse a sought-after franchise option, especially for immigrants from Russia and the CIS countries, as the founder himself is a native Russian speaker. However, Fuse opens its doors to aspiring entrepreneurs from all nationalities, providing them with an opportunity to walk the path of success.

Envisioning What's Ahead

The primary goal of Fuse is to become synonymous with excellent service, similar to how specific brands dominate the coffee and fast-food industry. When someone says "fast food", they picture McDonald's, and the same happens with companies like Starbucks and Coca-Cola. Fuse envisions its brand to be the first thought when considering quality HVAC installation and repair services. This ambition is not merely a corporate goal; it is intrinsically tied to the personal aspirations of the founder.

The future of Fuse looks bright and promising. The mid-term plans include growing the operational business and selling more franchise locations. The long-term vision, however, is even more ambitious: covering all states in the U.S. and then expanding internationally. Fuse is confident in achieving this due to the extensive practical knowledge gained over the years and the willingness to share this knowledge with franchise partners.

Fuse's journey, from a rented garage in South San Jose to a nationally recognized franchise, is a testament to the power of an idea backed by relentless effort and a commitment to sharing knowledge. With an eye on international expansion, Fuse is ready to write its story on a global scale. Those who partner with Fuse can look forward to being part of a journey defined by growth, excellence, and shared achievement.

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