eljko Mitrovi? Parades in Oldtimer With Serbian and American Flags

Published August 3, 2023

eljko Mitrovi? and Oliver Mandi? paraded through the Serbian Capital, marking the annual event of Serbian-American Friendship


The owner of "Pink" TV, eljko Mitrovi? & the renowned singer Oliver Mandi? embarked on a symbolic journey of friendship in the streets of Belgrade, Serbia. Seated in a classic Oldtimer car adorned with both Serbian and American flags, the duo proudly paraded through the Serbian capital. The occasion marked the beginning of an annual event, the Convoy of Serbian-American Friendship, aimed at commemorating historic moments that had positively shaped the relationship between the two nations.

July 28 was chosen as the date for this meaningful event, as exactly 105 years ago, in 1918, the Serbian flag was raised throughout Washington D.C., including the White House and all public institutions and churches. This noble gesture was in response to Austria-Hungary's declaration of war on Serbia in 1914. Despite the odds stacked against them, with a population of merely 4.2 million compared to Austria-Hungary's 52 million, Serbia exhibited exceptional courage and resilience. Tragically, they lost 1.2 million of their citizens, amounting to one-third of their population. However, the United States, under the leadership of President Woodrow Wilson, extended unwavering support to Serbia, forging warm relations between the two countries.

The friendship between Serbia and the United States continued to flourish between the two World Wars. President Wilson, who later served as Secretary of State, maintained a close bond with Mihajlo Pupin, a Serbian scientist and inventor. Together, they collaborated on projects that sought to protect people from Austria-Hungary's submarine attacks, among various other initiatives. Unfortunately, in the 1990s, the relationship between the two nations faced challenges. Nevertheless, eljko Mitrovi? firmly believes that the time has come to rekindle the Serbian-American friendship and pick up where they left off.

The Convoy of Serbian-American Friendship, a cherished new tradition, seeks to foster a spirit of camaraderie between the people of Serbia and the United States. Mitrovi? emphasizes that nurturing such friendships should not be limited to the realm of politics; instead, it is a shared responsibility of the people. Often, positive historical facts are overlooked or forgotten, making it all the more essential to remember and celebrate them. July 28, with its historical significance in both Serbia and America, is the perfect date to mark this occasion, and Mitrovi?'s vision aims to do just that.

The inaugural convoy witnessed the streets of Belgrade come alive with jubilant celebrations. As the Oldtimer car meandered through the city, citizens and onlookers cheered, waving their flags and banners high. The spirit of unity and friendship filled the air, reminding everyone of the remarkable ties that bind Serbia and the United States.

Oliver Mandi?'s presence further added to the event's allure. The renowned musician, beloved by both Serbians and Americans, symbolized the harmony and mutual appreciation between the cultures. With his music resonating through the streets, the convoy embodied the fusion of both nations' artistry and heritage.

Through the Convoy of Serbian-American Friendship, eljko Mitrovi? has kindled a spark of hope and optimism for the future of the bilateral relationship. By revisiting historical milestones, such as President Wilson's symbolic gesture towards Serbia, the event serves as a reminder of the unbreakable bond forged in challenging times.

The annual celebration will serve as a bridge that brings people together, transcending borders and differences. It will provide an opportunity to reflect on shared history and values, fostering a renewed sense of appreciation for each other's uniqueness. As the convoy becomes a cherished tradition, future generations will be inspired to nurture the friendship that lies at the heart of both nations.

In conclusion, the Convoy of Serbian-American Friendship, led by eljko Mitrovi? and joined by Oliver Mandi?, holds the promise of revitalizing the profound ties that bind Serbia and the United States. As the event becomes an annual testament to the enduring friendship, it will serve as a beacon of hope for a brighter future built on mutual respect, understanding, and celebration of shared history.

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