Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) China Find its New Home at Suzhou, Setting a New Industry Benchmark for Music and Tourism

Published August 3, 2023

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) China Find its New Home at Suzhou, Setting a New Industry Benchmark for Music and Tourism


CMC Times, member company of CMC Inc., leading Chinese media and entertainment group, announced the highly anticipated return of Insomniac's Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) to China. Insomniac, the US-based producers responsible for the world's largest music festivals and leading live events experience creators, have partnered with CMC Times to bring the EDC experience back to Asia for the first time since 2019. This international electronic dance music festival will take place from October 2nd to October 3rd, during the Chinese National Holiday, at Yangcheng Lake Resort in Suzhou.

EDC, with its over 27 years of history, has expanded its international festival footprint to eight countries across four continents around the world. The first three editions of EDC in China were successfully organized by CMC Times, with festivals held in Shanghai in April 2018, Zhuhai in November 2018 and November 2019. These events attracted a total of over 200,000 attendees and generated over 3 billion social media interactions, establishing EDC as a benchmark IP that involves critical acclaim and commercial success, creating music, culture and art.

The festival taking place at the Yangcheng Lake Resort in Suzhou is expected to have a significant impact on the development and reputation of the resort. This location has been carefully selected due to its unique qualities, and it aims to set a new standard for music festivals and tourism. The resort itself holds national-level status and is situated within a national-level economic and technological development zone.

Covering a vast area of 95.55 square kilometers, with 30 square kilometers of water bodies, the peninsula is situated on the southern shore of Yangcheng Lake, positioned in the northern part of Suzhou Industrial Park, located 70 kilometers east of downtown Shanghai and 20 kilometers west of Suzhou's historic center. This strategic decision offers several advantages, including its proximity to major urban centers and convenient transportation options.

EDC's international success stems from its years of festival operational expertise, with CMC Times helping to establish it as a highly-acclaimed festival brand in China that seamlessly integrates global and local elements, content, and cultural tourism. The previous three editions of EDC China had a cumulative investment of over 200 million RMB, generating over 500 million RMB for the hosting region. EDC's presence in the Yangcheng Lake Resort, as well as in Suzhou as a whole, will undoubtedly become a highlight that further promotes the development of cultural tourism projects and enhances local cultural appearance.

Xijia Chen, CEO of CMC Times, stated, "EDC is an internationally renowned IP event that resonates with the young consumer demographic. It will leverage its scale and integration effects to fulfill everyone's aspirations for a vibrant spiritual life, embodying the concept of 'a better life' and transforming music consumption into an emerging, high-quality lifestyle. This will enhance the youthful and international appeal of the Suzhou brand and serve as a new expression of the innovative cultural power of our time."

EDC has always focused on the spiritual needs of young adults from different cultures and groups. The official trailer released during the press conference advocated people's pursuit of work-life balance, a positive mindset, and living in the present moment.

With the theme revealed, kineticZEN, this year's EDC event combines the culture of electronic music with mindfulness and healing innovation, embracing EDC's all-inclusive brand philosophy. By providing a supply of positive spiritual experiences, it aims to provide relaxation into the fast-paced work and life of the present, promoting harmony and natural balance for the mind and body.

The brand new kineitcFIELD stage of EDC will make its stunning debut in China for the first time, presenting a comprehensive and immersive experience in the form of a carnival theme park. It will be an original design by Insomniac's globally renowned production team, incorporating top-notch lighting, fireworks, lasers, and drones to create a mind-blowing audiovisual experience, allowing the audience to be able to experience world-class music festivals in an immersive place. In addition to the kineticFIELD stage, this year's event will feature other iconic EDC stages, including circuitGROUNDS, providing a 360-degree surround sound and visual experience, and stereoBLOOM, which showcases fresh electronic music talent. EDC will deliver high-quality performances, with a lineup of over 70 top international and local artists, ensuring an incredible experience for music festival attendees. Renowned international and local artists will unite Under the Electric Sky, offering 18 hours of non-stop electronic music celebration over two consecutive days.

In addition to the DJ performances on stage, the festival will feature various attractions, such as circuit parades, large-scale art installations, recreational facilities, trendy technological interactive exhibits, fashion and cultural merchandise, food and beverage vendors, and daily firework shows that will captivate the audience and transform the event venue into a glamorous carnival for all.

This year, EDC will leverage its remarkable social attributes by launching original livestream campaigns on its official accounts, by providing various electronic music cultural content, sharing interesting facts, unlocking the lifestyle of festival goers, and unveiling behind-the-scenes stories about the preparation of the festival.

Feng Yang, Production Director of CMC Times, introduced, "In addition to online live streaming content, we will also launch a new and upgraded ROAD TO EDC, a series of pre-parties, launching in seven different cities across China and interpreting the beauty of electronic music and parties in various ways with diverse themes."

About CMC Inc.

CMC Inc. is a media and entertainment conglomerate renowned for its distinctive strengths in multi-genre premium content creation, including films, drama, variety shows, news and financial media, music, fashion, lifestyle, sports, game, theater, live entertainment, and events, and a comprehensive scope of content related businesses such as artist and sport agency, cinemas, urban recreational complexes, and outdoor and indoor themed attractions.

About Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort, Suzhou

As a National Tourist Resort Yang Cheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort is located in the northeast of Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). It reaches out from the southern bank of Yang Cheng Lake. The resort covers 24.39 sp-km of which 8 sp-km is water area (inner lake). In spite of its short distance to the SIP urban areathe resort depicts a serene lifestyle away from the city, every nook and corner reveals the essence of nature targeting at an international modernized leisure and healthcare waterside resort, the whole peninsula is redolent of a happy life in a holiday atmosphere.

About Insomniac

Insomniac produces some of the most innovative, immersive music festivals and events in the world. Enhanced by state-of-the-art lighting, pyrotechnics and sound design, large-scale art installations, theatrical performers and next-generation special effects, these events captivate the senses and inspire a unique level of fan interaction. The quality of the experience is the company's top priority.

Founded 30 years ago, Insomniac produces 10,000 concerts, club nights and festivals for seven million attendees annually across the globe. The company's premier annual event, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, is the world's largest dance music festival and attracts more than 525,000 fans over three days.

Keep up with Insomniac announcements and news on Insomniac.com, Facebook and Twitter.

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