Dr. Liz Winders Becomes Award-Winning Best-Selling Author of "Inside Effects" Book

Published August 2, 2023

Dr. Liz Winders' Empowers Readers to Unlock Their Healing Potential and Transform Their Lives.


Dr. Liz Winders, a renowned Healer and Energetics Coach, has recently achieved international recognition as an award-winning best-selling author with a groundbreaking book, "Inside Effects: How the Body Heals." This book and movie were recently featured in Asia One, a prominent business news portal, and this article highlights the impactful collaboration of an acclaimed and diverse group of contributing authors from "INside Effects: How the Body Heals." Drawing on her extensive experience as a retired Clinical Psychologist specializing in trauma, Dr. Liz has transformed the lives of countless individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, OCD, and various other personal pains. Her unique approach to energetic healing has set her apart in the field, blending her clinical background and ten different Energy Healing modalities to create a truly transformative experience for her clients.

Dr. Liz's book, "Inside Effects," offers a comprehensive guide to unlocking one's true healing potential. Through her profound insights, she demystifies alternative healing for the masses and provides practical tools to navigate the vast array of available options. With a mission to facilitate deep healing and empower individuals to live aligned, empowered lives, Dr. Liz has become a beacon of hope for those seeking transformative change. For those seeking a taste of Dr. Liz's healing expertise, she offers a complimentary free download of her unique Energetic Healing by signing up at www.essentialhealingwithdrliz.com. This invaluable resource allows individuals to experience the transformative power of her work firsthand.

"When we include all aspects of the self for healing, dramatic improvements can and do happen," says Dr. Liz, emphasizing the holistic nature of her approach. She firmly believes that all healing is self-healing and that energy healing is often the missing piece in every healing journey. Through her contribution to the book, she aims to inspire readers to tap into their own healing power and embrace the transformative potential that lies within.

Dr. Liz's accolades as an award-winning best-selling author come as no surprise, given the impact she has had on the lives of many individuals. Her dedication to her client's well-being and ability to blend various healing modalities into a unique and tailored approach has garnered worldwide recognition.

In addition to her written work, Dr. Liz offers various programs and courses designed to facilitate healing and personal growth. Her group programs, RESET and SOUL Shift, have gained significant popularity for their transformative impact on participants. Dr. Liz provides individuals with the tools and guidance necessary to embark on their healing journey by focusing on group dynamics and fostering a supportive community.

To learn more about Dr. Liz Winders and her groundbreaking work, please visit her website at www.EssentialHealingWithDrLiz.com.

About Dr. Liz Winders:
Dr. Liz's journey to becoming an internationally acclaimed award-winning author is an inspiring one. Her healing journey began after a medical trauma in 2012 with over five years of seeking solutions. In 2017, she discovered the Emotion Code and Body Code, which transformed her life. Dr. Liz immediately got certified in the Emotion Code and Body Code. Driven by her own transformative experiences and soul's purpose, Dr. Liz transitioned her career to focus solely on Energetic Healing. Shortly after, she retired from her successful career as a Clinical Psychologist and founded Essential Healing with Dr. Liz in 2018. She created a platform guiding her clients toward profound healing and personal growth. Today, she is recognized for her ability to empower individuals to activate their own capacity for self-healing, release inner wounds, and overcome trauma. To book Dr. Liz to speak, go to: https://www.essentialhealingwithdrliz.com/contact

About Essential Healing:
Essential Healing, led by Dr. Liz Winders, offers a range of transformative services to help individuals unlock their full potential and achieve emotional and physical well-being. The company was founded in 2018 in North Carolina with private sessions and powerful group programs that incorporate energy clearings and energetic coaching. Participants are provided with a supportive and nurturing space allowing them to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, breakthroughs, and lasting positive change.

Contact Info:
Name: Liz Winders
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Organization: Essential Healing with Dr. Liz
Phone: 919-623-6276
Website: https://www.EssentialHealingwithDrLiz.com

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