Dr. Dapeng Liu : AI Drives Innovation in Medical Industry Which Reshapes the Future Life

Published August 25, 2023

Dr. Dapeng Liu, founder and CEO of Weiyun AI & Robotics Group, delivered a presentation about the profound expansion and promising prospects of AI in the medical domain at The 2023 Medical Device Product Innovation and International Cooperation Summit.


In the era of rapid advancements in science and technology, medical technology has emerged as a crucial resource, secondary only to skilled healthcare professionals. Its significance in the service and management of medical institutions has grown exponentially, establishing itself as a pivotal element in ensuring medical quality and safety. Consequently, the exploration of seamless integration between scientific and technological advancements and medical technology has become an imperative priority.

The 2023 Medical Device Product Innovation and International Cooperation Summit, organized by VCbeat, a prominent research institution and media platform in China's healthcare industry, in collaboration with International Health Exchange and Cooperation Center NHC PRC(IHECC), recently took place in Beijing. Dr. Dapeng Liu, founder and CEO of Weiyun AI & Robotics Group, assumed the role of the summit's keynote speaker. He delivered an enlightening presentation on the profound expansion and promising prospects of AI in the medical domain to an audience comprising field experts, industry observers, and distinguished representatives of domestic and international medical enterprises. Dr. Liu's insights garnered enthusiastic reception and unanimous acclaim.

Dr. Dapeng Liu

AI Reforms Medical Field With Limitless Possibilities

Intriguing the attendees, Dr. Dapeng Liu kick-started his captivating speech by posing two thought-provoking questions: Just how immense is the potential of AI? And how can we unlock its full power? Leveraging his extensive expertise in the field of AI, Dr. Dapeng Liu proceeded to present his insightful perspective. Without a shadow of a doubt, he emphasized that AI will undeniably serve as the driving force behind numerous manufacturing industries, including the ever-evolving medical sector.

Dr. Dapeng Liu also unveiled his pioneering theoretical framework, the "AI Terminal - Cloud Brain - Smart Factory," at the event. This revolutionary approach not only achieved remarkable success in the medical field but also established formidable technical barriers throughout the entire industrial chain, enabling the seamless integration of AI. With its unparalleled precision and efficiency, this methodology serves as a solid foundation for advancing the mission of AI-driven healthcare.

Impacting the Industrial With Maximized Effectiveness And Efficiency

In Dr. Dapeng Liu opinion, three years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the prevailing sentiment in the business world is that of survival of the fittest, which has prompted companies to recognize the critical importance of forward-thinking strategies. Simultaneously, the emergence of a young consumer cohort and their increasing focus on external consumption signify a shift towards enhancing personal happiness and social belonging beyond mere aesthetics. This highlights significant growth potential in the field of medical aesthetics.

Dr. Dapeng Liu emphasized that by observing the developments in the domestic and international medical sectors, it becomes evident that there is no monopolistic situation. Instead, a signal brimming with opportunities beckons. The level of technical barriers established by enterprises in this industry determines their global market competitiveness. Looking beyond the immediate scope, one can discern a strong anticipation for technologies that can improve people's lives or even disrupt their lifestyles in the international market.

Embracing a Future Without Limits

Looking ahead to the next 3-5 years, Dr. Dapeng Liu , based on his expertise, presents three pivotal concepts that will shape the future of AI in the medical field. Firstly, intelligent terminals and AI imaging redefine the landscape of human-machine collaboration. This transformative technology not only reduces the time and cost associated with in-person consultations but also provides patients with personalized treatment plans and prompt professional insights for follow-up queries. For healthcare professionals, utilizing intelligent terminals and AI imaging minimizes the risks of operational and diagnostic errors.

Secondly, intelligent diagnosis powered by big data holds immense potential. Through independent learning, AI rapidly extracts invaluable information and accumulated experiences, resulting in highly precise understanding models and informed decision-making. This enables the selection of optimal decision support and treatment plans, providing patients with tailored solutions through comprehensive analysis and diagnosis.

The third key concept is medical customization and intelligent manufacturing. In the future, medical customization will become increasingly popular, facilitated by online consultations and real-time communication with doctors. Telemedicine breaks down geographical barriers and addresses resource imbalances while saving patients valuable time in preoperative consultations, preliminary diagnoses, and postoperative care. Additionally, smart factories driven by non-standard robot execution, machine vision, laser cutting, and other cutting-edge technologies will play a vital role. Industrial-scale AI-driven flexible production ensures high efficiency, capacity, and precision delivery. These groundbreaking advancements pave the way for a future where AI revolutionizes healthcare, creating unprecedented opportunities and transforming the medical landscape as we know it.

As mentioned by Dr. Dapeng Liu during his speech, the advent of AI promises to unlock boundless possibilities in our lives. Moreover, we eagerly anticipate delivering enhanced efficacy, precision, and groundbreaking advancements in the medical domain through the integration of AI.

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