Church Of Scientology Reports On Anti-Drug Activities To Commemorate International Day Against Drugs

Published July 20, 2023

Church of Scientology reports on Anti-Drug activities to commemorate International Day against Drugs.


The Church of Scientology South Africa in Castle Kyalami just reported its activities done in June to commemorate the International Day Against Illicit Drugs, a UN special day. Turning this day into a full month of activities, they report that 100 events in South Africa and a few African countries were done by a large variety of groups to not only "Say No to Drugs" - the name of their campaign - but also to educate youth and adults on the serious bad effects of drugs.

Over 42,625 trainers were trained to educate people of the "non-coolness" of drugs and the destruction it leaves behind. With booklets that provide factual information against drugs, those trainers are now ready to reach youth before the drug dealers do.

In addition, 845 volunteers gave it their all to reach as many youths as they could, all to celebrate anti-drug month. Giving over 1,150 hours of volunteer work, they were proud of their work.

"We are very thankful for all the people who dare to stand up and take part of those who are doing something against the plight drugs represent," says Xochitl Kgosana, the Anti-Drug Coordinator for the whole of Africa. "One has to remember that the effects of drugs are not limited to the person doing drugs himself. Drugs literally destroy families. It downgrades communities and businesses wherever addicts are. It generates car accidents which further endanger the lives of others. It often degrades sex to animal level and the list of "communal side effects" goes on and on," Kgosana added.

She says that Founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard has always been a source of inspiration in her work against drugs. Understanding how subtle the addiction settles in an individual, years ago, he developed a program called Narconon - no to narcotics - to be able to assist those trapped by drugs.

Amid the activities done in June, 2,339 teachers were also given a chance to learn about drugs so they can help learners in their decision to stay away from drugs.

In total, close to 80,000 people were educated on drugs in June and with the media covering their work, another 3.3 million people heard of their activities.

"Drugs are such nightmares. It destroys life," says Kgosana. "Government and police can't be on their own to deal with this. I am glad so many people joined in. There is so much more work to do," Kgosana concluded.

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