Central Arkansas Entertainment Sponsors Dinner on the River

Published August 5, 2023

Central Arkansas Entertainment recently sponsored Dinner on the River, a philanthropic initiative co-hosted by philanthropist Cat Sims, in celebration of her participation in the Arkansas Chapter of Children's Tumor Foundation's Dancing with Our Stars Little Rock Gala, with beats by DJ JellyBean.


DJ JellyBean, aka Jaris Johnson, with Central Arkansas Entertainment recently brought the beats to a dinner party co-hosted by philanthropist, Cat Sims, and Vibrant Occasions Catering called Dinner on the River. Dinner on the River served as Sims' kick-off celebration for her current fundraising efforts in the Little Rock Dancing with Our Stars Gala. Cat Sims is a well-known philanthropist and has a deep passion for giving back to her community. She has been actively involved in various charitable activities over the years and is participating in the 2023 Arkansas Chapter's Children's Tumor Foundation's Dancing with Our Stars Gala. This event is an annual fundraising gala that brings together community leaders and local celebrities to raise funds for the Children's Tumor Foundation, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for neurofibromatosis (NF). Cat's participation in the gala is anticipated to be remarkable as she brings her passion for dance and her commitment to making a difference together. She has been training rigorously for weeks, learning a dance routine and perfecting her moves under the guidance of a professional instructor and her dance partner for the gala. More importantly, her participation is helping to raise substantial funds for the Children's Tumor Foundation, contributing to their ongoing efforts in supporting individuals affected by NF and funding vital research efforts.

"Cat is a genuine person whose fundraising is important to her, and that really showed at her fundraiser dinner for the Children's Tumor Foundation. As the DJ for the evening, I used music to make the atmosphere fun and enjoyable. I was glad I could support Cat in her efforts to bring awareness to this particular charity. Having children of my own, it was only right to show up for her," says DJ JellyBean.

DJs and music can certainly add a special touch to a dinner party, making it more fun and memorable for everyone involved. Here are some ways DJs and music can enhance the atmosphere:

1. Setting the mood: A skilled DJ can create the perfect ambiance by selecting appropriate music that matches the theme or desired atmosphere of the dinner party. They can start with softer, more relaxed tunes during the meal, gradually transitioning to more upbeat and energetic tracks as the night progresses.

2. Enhancing social interaction: Well-chosen music can help break the ice and encourage conversation among guests. By playing familiar songs or popular hits, DJs can create a shared experience that brings people together, prompting them to reminisce, share stories, or even dance together.

3. Creating a personalized playlist: DJs can work with the hosts to curate a custom playlist that reflects their preferences and taste in music. This adds a personal touch to the dinner party, allowing guests to feel more connected to the hosts and creating a unique and memorable experience.

4. Catering to different musical preferences: A skilled DJ will consider the diverse musical preferences of the guests and blend various genres seamlessly throughout the night. By incorporating a mix of classics, current hits, and even requests from attendees, they can ensure that everyone feels included and engaged.

5. Adding excitement with live mixing: DJs can bring an extra level of energy and excitement to the dinner party by incorporating live mixing techniques. This involves seamlessly blending different tracks together, adding remixes or mashups, and creating a dynamic and engaging musical experience.

6. Encouraging dancing and movement: As the evening progresses, DJs can gradually shift the tempo and genre of the music to encourage guests to hit the dance floor. This can inject a sense of entertainment and joy into the event, making it more lively and memorable for everyone involved.

Cat Sims' involvement in the 2023 Arkansas Chapter's Children's Tumor Foundation's Dancing with Our Stars Gala showcases her commitment to philanthropy and making a positive impact in her community. Her gentle and patient nature, alongside her friendly and approachable demeanor, makes her a true inspiration to those around her and a valuable asset to the causes she is supporting. Dinner on the River's vendors and participants are inspired by her efforts and honored to be a part of her journey.

Interested parties can donate to Cat Sims' fundraising link here:


Vendors and sponsors involved with the kick-off fundraising campaign celebration dinner party, Dinner on the River:

Co-host and Star: Cat Sims, @catsimsxoxo

Co-host and Private Event Catering: Vibrant Occasions, @vibrantoccasionscatering

Floral Design: Rose of Sharon Floral Design Studio, @roseofsharonfloral

Photography: Lori Sparkman Photography, @lorisparkmanphotography

Music: Central Arkansas Entertainment Agency, @cae_lr

DJ: DJ JellyBean, @djjbean

Planner & Party Designer: Meredith Events, @meredithevents

Public Relations: Meredith Corning PR, @meredithcorningpr

Videography: KB Studios, @kbstudiosar

Balloon Photo Backdrop: Just Peachy, @justpeachylr

Dinnerware Rentals: Eventology, @eventology_us

Wardrobe Stylist: Kimberly Cyr Calhoun, @kimberlycyr

Wardrobe Retailer: Royal We, @royalweprom

Special Guests and Content Creators: @tabithanstaylor, @alexa_hart_, @kailux, @kimberlycyr, @lesley_withrow, @jennymartinphoto, @alishacurtis, @sarahkmeyer

About Central Arkansas Entertainment: Central Arkansas Entertainment is an event production company and music booking agency. CAE provides DJs, musical quartets, harpists and more, as well as event lighting, staging, photo booths, draping, and a myriad of other specialty event rentals. Joe Snell proudly leads the Central Arkansas Entertainment team as founder and owner. With a background in supply chain management and in music as a violinist, his experiences give a unique perspective to the production and event industry. What started as a one-man side job out of a 1,500 square foot home in 2006, has turned into a full-scale production team and entertainment agency with a name recognized across the southern United States.

About DJ JellyBean: When you think of fun times and great party music, you should think of DJ JellyBean. As a teenager growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, this DJ discovered his path to mixing music and never looked back. It began with his time as a roadie for a high school friend who regularly performed DJ sets, giving him his first taste of the captivating industry. Starting in late 2006, during his first year at Henderson State University, he quickly found work on the campus radio station 99.9 The Pulse. After being asked by the station's lead DJ if he wanted to learn the ins and outs of the deejay craft, he accepted, and he was immediately hooked. The path to his career was quickly set on high after college, when he began to book small gigs at Sweet 16 birthdays and various college parties. After a short time, he found a connection to Central Arkansas Entertainment, which led him to his mentor, the owner of CAE Joe Snell, and ultimately to the rise of his career. DJ JellyBean stays booked year around with weddings, corporate events, social parties and more.

About Us: Central Arkansas Entertainment is a full production and music agency for corporate events, wedding, social parties, proms and more in Arkansas and beyond.

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