Bluewater Pledges Game-Changing Water Purification in 2024 for Planetary and Human Health

Published January 10, 2024

Amid mounting evidence of climate change consequences, people globally are increasingly anxious about the quality and availability of the freshwater they are drinking, according to public opinion polls around the planet.


Amid mounting evidence of climate change consequences, people globally are increasingly anxious about the quality and availability of the freshwater they are drinking, according to public opinion polls around the planet. A Gallup poll in 2023 revealed that 55 percent of Americans surveyed worried a 'great deal' about polluted drinking water in the U.S., while a global public opinion survey by GlobeScan revealed that 58 percent of almost 30,000 people polled in 31 countries from six continents viewed freshwater shortages as a 'very serious' problem.

"Both surveys point to escalating global anxieties about water quality, freshwater availability, and safety, which is why, as a company with a planet plan rather than a business plan, we pledge heading into 2024 to keep innovating water purification and beverage solutions that will keep present and future generations safe," said Bengt Rittri, a Swedish environmental entrepreneur who is the founder and C.E.O. of Sweden's Bluewater, a global innovator of sustainable water purification and beverage solutions. Just ten years after its creation, Bluewater is at the forefront of developing and bringing cutting-edge purification and beverage solutions for home, work, and play to market.

"We believe it's everyone's right to access clean, safe drinking water that is free of all the contaminants that are making their way into the water due to climate change, industrial and other pollution, contamination of freshwater reserves, and lack of investment in municipal water infrastructures," said Mr. Rittri.

He added that a significant water contaminant of concern today is per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, commonly known as PFAS, a group of hundreds of chemicals used in multiple applications from non-stick pans to cosmetics, fire-fighting foam, furnishing fire retardants, and fast-food boxes - and nowadays widely found in the environment. PFAS chemicals are found in seawater, tap water, the air, soil, and food like fish. The chemicals are also found in humans, and research has linked the chemicals to cancer, reproductive disorders, liver damage, and obesity.

Bluewater offers water purifiers that remove up to 99 percent of all known water contaminants, including PFAS and related chemicals and microplastics, which have been found in tap water in several countries, including the U.S.A., the U.K., and elsewhere. The company's purifiers have received independent validation of their efficiency in removing harmful PFAS, other chemicals, and toxic metals from tap water, rendering it safer for consumption.

Bluewater's revolutionary SuperiorOsmosis(TM) technology in its high-performance Spirit and Pro under-sink water purifiers represents second-generation reverse osmosis (RO), the widely acknowledged gold standard for removing contaminants from tap water. For a more sustainable solution the patented Bluewater technology powering the purifiers substantially slashes the water wasted by traditional R.O. systems by over 80 percent. This ensures more sustainable purer drinking water from the faucet for households and businesses -- and significantly reduces dependence on single-use plastic bottles, aligning the company's mission with the mounting worldwide emphasis on health and sustainability while positively impacting human and planetary health.

"Water is life's essential ingredient, and safeguarding its purity is our primary concern," states Bengt Rittri. He added: "As we head into 2024, our state-of-the-art water purifiers offer consumers and businesses a practical, potent solution to the escalating issue of chemical contaminants in tap water. We're not merely providing a product but delivering peace of mind and contributing to a more sustainable future."

Rittri says he is intent on fast-tracking Bluewater into a brighter water security future by broadening the company's market presence and product offerings, moves that gathered momentum in 2023 with the acquisition of Tappwater, a Spanish company offering tap-mounted water filtration solutions, and strategically partnering in a merger with the Indonesian P.I.P.A sustainable water engineering company.

"We will continue our efforts to heighten awareness about the significance of clean water, hydration health, and sustainability among consumers, businesses, public authorities, and governments around the planet," Mr Rittri said.

Challenging the $300bn global bottled water market, Bluewater purifiers and sustainable water bottles today are available in all major markets worldwide, including Europe and the U.K., China, Southeast Asia, North America, and South Africa. And with lifetime warrantied stainless steel refillable bottles and natural mineral concoctions also in its portfolio, Bluewater's purifiers provide the foundation for scaling 'Hydration 2.0', the essential wellbeing pathway to amplifying rehydration to protect vital organs by replacing body fluids and eliminating waste.

"Water protects our bodies in many ways, lubricating our joints, carrying nutrients and oxygen to our cells, regulating body temperature, and keeping our brain functioning. Thanks to our proprietary, innovative, and planet-friendly technology that tackles sub-standard chemical-riddled tap water, our resolution and pledge for 2024 is to make safer, great-tasting drinking water accessible to ever wider home, hotel, and restaurant businesses and on-the-go public audiences and slash the need for single-use plastic bottles", Mr. Rittri said.

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