BioHealth Nutrition Launches New Protein Flavor with Milky Fitness Founder Miranda Harris

Published August 26, 2023

BioHealth's latest collaboration sees the release of Scout's Honor, a flavor inspired by Miranda Harris and her daughter's favorite cookies.


BioHealth Nutrition, a health and wellness industry pioneer, has launched its second exclusive protein flavor in collaboration with Milky Fitness founder and fitness guru Miranda Harris. The move to release the new "Scout's Honor" flavor comes after the resounding success of "Caramel Macchiato," the product of their initial partnership.

The collaboration between BioHealth Nutrition and Miranda Harris celebrates their shared commitment to inspiring healthy lifestyles. Scout's Honor showcases both parties' dedication to the holistic well-being of their customers.

"Following the remarkable response to our first flavor collaboration with Miranda Harris, we couldn't wait to see how people would respond to Scout's Honor," BioHealth's Head of Marketing, Jenna Saverino, said. "The second exclusive flavor aligns with our mission to provide our customers with industry-leading supplements that empower them to live the healthiest lives possible."

BioHealth meticulously researched the Scout's Honor flavor to reflect the preferences of Miranda Harris and her daughter. The blend contains hints of coconut, vanilla cookie, caramel, and a dash of chocolate, combining a sense of indulgence while staying true to BioHealth's commitment to customer wellness.

Underneath their deceivingly delicious flavor profiles, lie a perfectly crafted, high-quality, whey protein isolate. Biohealth's Precision ISO was designed to promote recovery and lean muscle building for all demographics. Masterfully made possible because of its impressive amino acid profile and sourced from pasture-fed cows. All designed to maximize performance and well-being, while remaining sugar-free and low-carb to minimize your calorie count.

The Miranda Harris partnership resounds with BioHealth Nutrition's commitment to supporting its diverse audience. The collaboration seeks to help busy moms and other individuals wanting a protein boost.

"We wanted to create a drink that anybody could take quickly after a workout. It had to be something that fits into their hectic schedules but was also highly palatable and nutritious, supporting workout recovery," the company said. "Convenience and nostalgic flavors provide comfort while delivering uncompromising nutrition when needed most. The convenience of Scout's Honor as a meal replacement is the perfect choice for people living busy lifestyles."

Miranda Harris, Milky Fitness founder, and distinguished trainer, was also pleased with the partnership's outcome.

"I am excited to be part of another venture with BioHealth Nutrition and proud to unveil the new flavor, Scout's Honor. Working together, we are not only offering a delicious protein-based drink but also inspiring healthy habits among the community of people we serve."

BioHealth Nutrition says Scout's Honor is available to purchase now through its website at For inquiries or samples, email or call (714) 408-6889.

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