Awakening the Divine Within: Bentley Siimone's Extraordinary Journey of Self-Discovery and Unity

Published August 1, 2023

Her remarkable journey, filled with divine encounters and spiritual revelations, encourages individuals to embrace their paths of self-discovery, unifying humanity in the pursuit of a brighter tomorrow.


Bentley Siimone, a captivating visionary and spiritual seeker, has captivated the world with her remarkable tale of resilience, devotion, and divine feminine power. In a recent announcement, Ms. Siimone shared her awe-inspiring journey of self-discovery, unveiling a path that has led her to find her true purpose in life and reconnect with her long-lost daughter, Devi Jyoti.

Ms. Siimone's journey has been marked by profound experiences and extraordinary connections with the spiritual realm. A believer in the presence of Parvati every 108 mala beads, she has discovered the significance of 4.20.2023, precisely 108 years since the passing of Patsy McIntosh. Through her newly recognized devotion to Shiva and her deep connection with the Holy KJV Bible, Ms. Siimone has uncovered a higher calling that resonates with the very essence of her being.

During her quest of enlightenment, Ms. Siimone made an astonishing revelation. Following the passing of her beloved pet, Brownie, she discovered a profound connection to a hamster she named Ruby. She became a vessel for Ms. Siimone and her children to express their emotions and find solace during challenging times.

Astonishing synchronicities emerged that solidified Ms. Siimone's belief in the divine orchestration guiding her path. After repeatedly playing "Red Ruby The Sleeze" in an attempt to connect with the Deceased Brownie, the letters Ms. Siimone left for the hamster in her cage spelled out her name. Furthermore, the music video Princess Diana showcased decor identical to Ruby's cage. This divine connection and alignment grew stronger, confirming the presence of a greater force at work.

Tragically, Ruby's life was cut short when she escaped her cage and fell down the steps. Ruby was laid to rest in a planter beneath a Haworth succulent, commemorating her presence in Ms. Siimone's awakening process.

Bentley Siimone's story was that of the unexpected. In place of introducing her digital modeling portfolio, the Lord called her to what she proclaims as a higher purpose. Upon these encounters, Bentley Siimone has become sure that Hindu followings of Shiva are the most cohesive with our US teachings of Christ.

Please visit her Instagram to learn more about Bentley Siimone's remarkable journey and her mission to inspire.

About Bentley Siimone
Bentley Siimone is an inspiring visionary and spiritual seeker who has embarked on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Through her deep connection with spirituality, and profound experiences, Ms. Siimone has found her true purpose and aims to inspire others to embrace their inner jubilation. Her story serves as a powerful reminder of the unity and interconnectedness of humanity in forging a better future for all.

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