Alexander Lebedev: From Medical Roots to Mobile Game Mogul

Published August 12, 2023

From Grit to Glory: The Riveting Journey of Alexander Lebedev's Rise to Multi-Million-Dollar Success


Alexander Lebedev gets his inspiration from music and success. His love for music comes from his early childhood and so does his entrepreneurial spirit. Coming from a family of medical doctors up to five generations behind, Alexander started out in the same direction as his parents and grandparents. Nonetheless, eventually, he decided to take an unexpected shift that took him to completely new horizons. Thus, he became the creator of multi-million-dollar games called "Parking Escape" and "Merge Decor". Let's delve into Alexander Lebedev's history and learn how he became a successful businessman.

Taking the Plunge: Alexander's Initial Foray into the Business Realm

He created his first business in 2011. Alexander started teaching English to small groups and was able to take a leap when he offered important discounts through services like Groupon. This was probably one of the first important shifts in his career as he was able to consolidate a stable and large audience for his courses, thus making quite a good income. At first, he ran the business along with a colleague but eventually, he went his own way and started to run his own English school called Excellent English.

Facing a crucial crossroads, Alexander transitioned from medicine to business. Fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit and his father's guidance, he abandoned medicine for his thriving projects. Recognizing his expertise, he embarked on consulting, aiding aspiring language school founders. Amid Russia's economic turmoil in 2014, he ventured into marketing, undeterred by changing investment preferences.He worked for the company Fotostrana for two years and became an expert in managing traffic from different sources including Facebook and Google. He successfully managed budgets of up to one million dollars per month.

Parallelly, he already had his family, a wife, and two children, in Saint Petersburg, however, he started to look for new places to live as he loves a warm climate. This is where they first traveled to Cyprus where they stayed for six months. Then, they came back to Russia's northern capital. Nonetheless, Cyprus is where Alexander was destined to be as a few years later the family finally settled down on the island.

Now, the second largest shift in Alexander's career was about to happen: he no longer wanted to be an employee, instead, he decided to run his own business. As with every goal he chose to pursue, he succeeded.

Back in the days when he was working as a marketing manager, he heard some of his colleagues discussing the mobile gaming industry and its possibilities. So, he soon understood that this was quite an interesting area. This was the direction where he would go from that moment on.

In 2017 he created his first two games with no good results, and he decided to go for the third attempt which, if it hadn't worked, would have been the last one. If Alexander would have chosen to stop after the second attempt, now we wouldn't have Parking Escape.

The key to Parking Escape's success was that Alexander took a different approach. While before he based his projects only on the gaming aspects, now he decided to think his whole strategy from a marketing perspective, and this is where the magic began. Suddenly, he invested $1000 in advertising, and he woke up in the morning to find $3000 in his account. The same went on until Parking Escape became a multi-million-dollar project. At that point, Alexander was working on his own as the game was developed by a freelancer. Now what was next after that first big hit? He decided to create new games and for that, he hired a team.

It took several attempts until he got the definitive party of excellent professionals who are working with him to the present day. So, for the next few years they focused on creating new games, but they weren't able to repeat Parking Escape's success. Parallelly there were many investors looking to buy the game, but Alexander declined every offer. The game was 100% self-sustainable and generated income that allowed his company, AppLife, to develop new projects and continue to run ads on its own.

One of his most important acquaintances during Alexander's career in the mobile game industry was Denis Shevchenko (founder of GreenPixel studio). Originally from Russia, Denis lived in the US and traveled to Cyprus only to meet Alexander. That was the beginning of a great friendship. At first, they tried to combine efforts. As Denis's company was great at developing games, Alexander's team was great at advertising them. However, the partnership didn't work out and both decided to go their own ways, but this didn't affect their relationship. They still consider each other best friends and they and their teams constantly consult with each other, exchange experiences, and impressions, and they even share a seafront office with a nice sea view in Limassol.

Finally, after many years of searching, AppLife found the next big success: a game Merge Decor that made them more than 5 million dollars in revenue in just one year. Most of its users were originally from China because, at the time, the game was unique in that market.

In February 2022, the Russian invasion of Ukraine kept the world hanging and changed the business landscape in Europe and CIS countries. One of AppLife's main partners, MyGames, was very likely to fall under sanctions, so both companies parted ways.

Currently, AppLife is working together with its subsidiary, LevelApp, and is developing two games: Merge Legions and Merge & Farm. While the former targets men from 35 years on, the latter was geared for women of the same age. Their current team consists of around 30 people, and they are planning to hire 15 more professionals in the nearest future.

Final Reflections: The Resounding Echoes of Success

There was a moment in Alexander's life that may have changed everything for him. When he was taking his first steps in the mobile game business, he attended a unique coaching course led by multimillionaire Dmitry Zaretsky and learned a valuable lesson: establish your goal and work relentlessly until you achieve it.

With this motto, Alexander Lebedev lives, works, and creates, and this is, in some way, the key to his success. Instead of moving around in a sea of uncertainty, he sets up one specific goal and works every day toward it. Every one of his achievements gives him a sense of fulfillment that drives him to pursue the next challenge. Maybe this is why he is such an accomplished man that made a career in medicine, established and ran his own language school, became an expert in marketing and traffic, composed marvelous songs, and created the successful mobile gaming company AppLife.

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