A Reading Literacy Program Empowering Parents and Children: Introducing Barefoot Learning Club

Published August 2, 2023

Barefoot Learning Club Launches Innovative Programs Empowering Parents and Children on Their Educational Journey


Barefoot Learning Club, a trailblazing educational platform, is thrilled to introduce open enrollment for three transformative programs that revolutionize how children learn while fostering a strong partnership with parents. These programs are designed to spark joy in learning, bridge educational gaps, and provide a supportive community for parents seeking guidance and connection.

"Our mission at Barefoot Learning Club is to empower children and parents alike in their learning and parenting journey," says Kristy Boyd Johnson. "We believe that by prioritizing the joy of learning and fostering strong parental involvement, we can create a new vision for education that resonates with families seeking a more expansive and encouraging approach."

The 12-Week "Headstart into Reading" Beginning Literacy Program is a comprehensive literacy course for children aged 5 to 7. Led by Kristy Boyd Johnson, a seasoned educator with over 30 years of experience, the program offers daily, teacher-led lessons in manageable, bite-sized pieces. Young students will learn to form letters correctly, make sound-symbol connections, and dive deep into "Extreme Phonics" for a strong foundation in reading. The multi-sensory teaching approach caters to different learning styles and ensures children develop confidence in their reading abilities. The program runs from September 11th, 2023, to December 8th, 2023, with classes recorded for easy access.

For older kids aged eight and above, Barefoot Learning Club presents the 30-Day "Fill In the Gaps" Challenge. This intensive program spans five days a week over six weeks. Students will receive the first part of the literacy program, focusing on "Extreme Phonics," in a relaxed and engaging environment. The program combines intensive learning sessions, fun games, and challenges to enhance learning connections. Daily recordings allow for flexible scheduling, while consistent participation ensures optimal results. Through this challenge, children will gain confidence in tackling unfamiliar words, leading to improved reading and comprehension skills. The first challenge will run from September 11th, 2023, to October 20th, 2023.

The Returning to Wholeness Sanctuary for Parents provides a unique opportunity for parents to unite as a community of like-minded individuals. This transformative sanctuary empowers parents to tune into their Inner Guidance System when parenting. Led by Alysia Seymour, a passionate mother and mystic, the sanctuary offers monthly practices, meditations, and Soul journeys to guide parents on their Soul-led parenting life. Monthly live calls provide emotional and spiritual support, allowing parents to share experiences and challenges in a safe space. By reconnecting with their Soul-level perspective and understanding their agreements with their children, parents can find more peace and freedom in their relationship with their children. Sign up at the website today to join the Returning to Wholeness Sanctuary for Parents and experience the relief and joy of a Soul-led parenting lifestyle.

These innovative programs come at a time when parents seek alternative learning solutions for their children and desire a supportive community to navigate the challenges of parenthood. Barefoot Learning Club offers a refreshing approach to education and parenting, emphasizing the importance of academics combined with play-based learning, joy, freedom, and support.

To learn more about Barefoot Learning Club and enroll in the Reading Literacy Program or the "Fill In the Gaps" Challenge, please visit their website at BarefootLearningClub.com.

About Kristy Boyd Johnson:

Kristy Boyd Johnson is a distinguished educator with over 30 years of experience in the field. Her extensive and varied teaching background includes working within school systems, tutoring children with learning differences, advocating for their needs, and homeschooling individuals and groups. Kristy's passion lies in igniting the spark of joy in learning for young minds and creating a paradigm shift in education that benefits students, parents, and teachers alike. Her expertise and dedication make her a driving force behind the innovative Reading Literacy Program at Barefoot Learning Club.

About Alysia Seymour:

Alysia Seymour is a devoted mother, fantasy author, and mystic with a profound passion for embracing the magic of life. Through years of personal exploration, she has cultivated a parenting style that centers around freedom and empowerment, rejecting rigid rules. As a guiding force behind Barefoot Learning Club, Alysia brings her innate understanding of parenting and spirituality, creating a safe and supportive space for parents to connect and discover their Inner Guidance on their soulful parenting journey.

About Barefoot Learning Club:

Barefoot Learning Club is a pioneering educational platform that prioritizes the joy of learning and empowers children and parents to thrive on their educational journey. Led by experienced educator Kristy Boyd Johnson and passionate mother and mystic Alysia Seymour, Barefoot Learning Club offers transformative programs focusing on multi-sensory teaching combined with play-based learning, strong parental involvement, and community support.

Contact Info:
Name: Kristy Boyd Johnson & Alysia Seymour
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Organization: Barefoot Learning Club
Address: 122 Lakeview Way, Unit 1465, Katy, TX 77494
Phone: 619-908-1649
Website: https://BarefootLearningClub.com

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