Lynova Palm Beach Gardens Opens Innovative Weight Loss Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Published April 17, 2023
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida -

Lynova Palm Beach Gardens announces the opening of its weight loss clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The center is set to offer an exciting new advance in weight loss therapy, GLP-1. This innovative and fast-acting weight loss solution is easy to start and manage. Anyone interested in knowing more can call (561) 559-9680 or visit to schedule a consultation.

GLP-1 is a protein-based therapy deemed safe by the FDA and proven effective; it’s covered on major network news programs. Thanks to Lynova Palm Beach Gardens, residents in the area will now have access to this highly successful weight loss treatment.

Weight Loss Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Semaglutide is one of a group of compounds known as GLP-1 agonists. These medications mimic the function of a hormone, glucagon-like peptide 1, something the body releases after eating. The job of this hormone, in part, is to regulate spikes in blood sugar levels. While researchers do not fully understand why, elevated levels of this compound can cause the body to feel full after consuming smaller portions. People with higher levels of this protein eat less throughout the day. While a strict diet can achieve a similar goal (fewer calories), this customized peptide also eliminates the discomfort of feeling hungry. Research also suggests that this kind of therapy can positively impact gut health and digestion and is often successful in hard-to-treat cases of obesity.

Lynova is unique, in that the clinic does not focus on a client’s BMI, which is not a useful metric for weight loss. Instead, they use science-based measurements and special equipment to analyze Body Shape Index (BSI) and Body Composition Index (BCI). These metrics allow the clinic to establish a more complete body analysis for more accurate and realistic goal setting. The analysis can also help target the specific dose of GLP-1 needed to achieve results safely and efficiently. The BSI and BCI indicators allow Lynova to track the progress achieved and it’s motivating and fun for clients. They are able to see specific and significant results during each visit.

Projections show that 51% of people worldwide will be considered obese within the next 12 years. In many cultures, being inactive throughout the day is common. Stress, work, relationship conflicts, and poor diet—can all lead to weight gain. Weight loss has become one of the top priorities in the health industry because being overweight can contribute to many other severe conditions and diseases that are expensive to treat. The goal at Lynova is to help as many people as possible jump-start their weight loss journey and find a path to better health and wellness.

Most people know that diet is a critical factor contributing to weight gain. But, what many of us do not fully understand is that eating fewer calories doesn’t always work. “We see clients who are barely eating anything throughout the day, and they still struggle to stay at a healthy weight,” says Lynova Founder Cliff Morris. “When the issue of body chemistry or hormonal imbalances is at play, dieting won’t move the needle much.” Morris says that the GLP-1 therapy is the first tool he’s seen to help people with “stubborn” weight gain.

While the science behind why glide therapies are complex, administering them is simple, and various clinics offer programs using everything from ingestion to injection. After much research, Lynova decided that seeing patients in person to monitor progress and provide strong support was critical. So the clinic uses a tiny injection to administer a customized dose. They start small and increase it over a few weeks, giving the body time to adjust. “We believe seeing a client in person and customizing their doses based on body mass index (BMI), medical history, and other health factors is the safest way to go,” says Morris.

At Lynova, the team is highly trained in administering the therapy, and supporting patient progress is vital. “Like any new program, patients want to know if what they are experiencing is normal,” says Morris, “and it usually is.” After a few weeks, when patients lose twenty or thirty pounds on average, the focus turns to achieving the goal weight and additional wellness services. Unlike treatments that speed up metabolism with stimulants or gastric surgery, achieving significant weight loss quickly and safely is now an option. “Healthy, comfortable weight loss has seemed like a dream out of reach for many people,” says Morris. “With GLP-1, I’m seeing that dream come true in real-time, with less stress and no disruption to daily life.”

Lynova Palm Beach Gardens is a clinic dedicated to health and wellness through weight loss. Anyone interested in hearing more about the program can call (561) 559-9680 to schedule a consultation or visit for more information.


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