Luxor Global Seeks to Transform Customer Experience in the Luxury Goods Industry as it Ramps Up Development of E-Commerce Platform Luxazaar

Published March 10, 2023

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 10, 2023 / One of the most significant long-term impact of Covid-19 on retail is how it has permanently changed the way consumers buy and shop across all product segments, from fashion to electronics, food and even luxury goods.

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A survey conducted by leading professional services partnership, Ernst & Young through the EY Future Consumer Index, which has surveyed thousands of consumers since the early days of the pandemic, found that 60% of consumers are currently visiting brick-and-mortar stores less than before the pandemic and 43% shop more often online for products they would have previously bought in stores.

Such a statistic indicates a sustained shift toward e-commerce and it is imperative for retailers to have a digital presence. Leading luxury goods trading firm, Luxor Global has been quick to not only realize that it is important to have a digital presence but that it is also important to have an online platform capable of delivering memorable experiences.

Understanding that experience is as important as the product itself in the luxury goods industry and that the industry's clientele consists of consumers who are particularly discerning and informed, Luxor Global is ramping up the development of its e-commerce platform, Luxazaar, to establish an online presence as well as deliver superior digital customer experience.

The platform will make its debut in the fast-growing Asia region and will be managed by Luxor Asia, Luxor Global's Asia arm that was established to capitalize on the fast-growing luxury goods market in Asia.

Luxazaar will build on Luxor Asia's outreach efforts and market presence and aims to be the premier marketplace of luxury products as well as a trading platform for users. Luxor Asia, who is providing technology expertise on the development of Luxazaar, it will incorporate cutting-edge Web 3.0 Technologies such as NFT tagging and having transactions recorded on blockchain to ensure product provenance and authenticity.

In addition, Luxazaar will adopt innovative new technologies such as such as Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) to create a highly personalized, unique shopping experience.

The company's Chief Operating Officer (COO), Andre Jamon said, "Luxazaar is one of the most exciting tech developments in our history and we are determined to create a personalised customer experience that extends from product search to checkout and even post-purchase. We want Luxazaar's customers to feel emotionally invested, engaged and well-served by the brand."

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