Lenire Tinnitus Treatment - Safe and Non-Invasive Solution with High Rate of Success

Published April 19, 2023

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Tinnitus affects millions of people worldwide and is characterized by ringing, buzzing, or hissing sounds in the ears. It can significantly affect an individual's quality of life, and treatment options are available to address the condition.

According to experts at Ask An Audiologist, Dr. Paula Rivers, Lenire tinnitus treatment is a new FDA-approved method that has shown encouraging promise. It is a non-invasive device that works by delivering sound to the ears in a specific pattern, known as bimodal neuromodulation. The principle behind this approach is to stimulate the auditory system in a way that can help to reduce the perception of tinnitus.

In clinical trials, the Lenire tinnitus treatment device has proven to be effective in reducing tinnitus symptoms. It was also found to be safe and well-tolerated by users, with few side effects reported.

Lenire's bimodal neuromodulation approach targets the neural pathways involved in tinnitus perception, offering a more targeted and potentially long-lasting solution. The treatment focuses on the underlying neural activity associated with tinnitus rather than managing symptoms.

The Lenire system comprises two parts; one is worn on the tongue tip and delivers gentle electrical stimulation to activate the trigeminal nerve that processes auditory information. It is used in tandem with customized headphones that provide sound therapy targeting the individual's tinnitus profile. The sound therapy, coupled with the electrical stimulation, leads to the neuromodulation effect.

Before treatment begins, patients undergo a comprehensive assessment that includes a hearing test and tinnitus evaluation. This information is then used to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to the patient's unique needs.

The Lenire tinnitus treatment cost may vary from state to state, and patients are encouraged to contact any expert at Ask An Audiologist for an estimate.

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Experts at Ask An Audiologist continue to stay up-to-date on the latest research and treatment options for tinnitus and will always be committed to providing the latest information on the best possible care and support to people with hearing loss-related problems.

Presently, patients keen on using the Lenire system will face challenges such as insurance coverage in some locations, making it less accessible for some patients. Time commitment is another factor that may be challenging for some individuals to maintain. The treatment duration is 12 weeks, with daily sessions lasting between 30 - 60 minutes.

Additionally, as a relatively new device, Lenire is not immediately available in all regions or clinics across the U.S. However, customers may join the assessment waitlist by contacting Ask An Audiologist.

It is important to note that Lenire, like other tinnitus treatments, is not a cure for the condition. Lenire treatment is a promising new treatment option for tinnitus that has shown effectiveness in reducing symptoms in clinical trials. Patients who undergo Lenire treatment will still need to work with their audiologist to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses any underlying causes of their tinnitus.

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