Leading the Charge: Momentum Groups is Helping Speed Up Electric Vehicle Adoption and Promote Sustainability

Published March 9, 2023
Mar. 9, 2023 / PRZen / WESTLAKE, Ohio -- Momentum Groups is proud to announce that they have completed and are working on several major electric vehicle infrastructure projects and solutions for their clients. These will have a significant impact in lowering carbon emissions and promoting sustainability by cutting down the number of gas-powered vehicles on roads today.

The First Steps for a Greener Future

These projects include providing off-grid mobile EV charging solutions for pro players and guests attending the Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA and working with one of the largest ports in the Bahamas to convert their fleet of transportation vehicles to battery electric vehicles (BEVs). They have provided the EV charging solution at Toyota's West Virginia manufacturing plant and there are other EV automotive manufacturers running the mobile units on their EV testing tracks and proving grounds.

Marc Crouse, senior engineer with Toyota West Virginia shares, "This is a global company initiative by which we hope to minimize environmental impacts and, through outreach activities, have a net positive impact on society and the planet."

Jack Pyros, Momentum Groups' President says, "We are committed to fighting climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transportation." Momentum Groups, a fleet management company founded in 2005, began to expand its offerings and focus on electrification services before the pandemic.

Jack further explains, "We're showing companies where there's early adoption with fleet electrification to convert from running polluting gas powered vehicles that damage the environment to using battery electric vehicles with zero emissions. These companies can save money in the process, so it's a win-win. We understand the handshake between vehicles and charging, therefore we can assist them with our experience and knowledge, along with our ecosystem of electric vehicle supply equipment."

Comprehensive Solutions: Fixed and Mobile Stations, Fleet Parking, and Financing

Momentum Groups and Momentum EVSE, provide service, delivery, and installation to the entire contiguous US with a portfolio of fixed and mobile commercial-grade chargers. They can provide financing, maintenance, and assistance in negotiating energy rates.

EV fleet and corporate parking locations are a distinctive solution they offer. It removes the obstacle for companies that desire to switch to electric vehicles but don't have enough capital, space, or power at their location to make it happen.

Automotive manufacturers have acquired their off-grid mobile stations. Available as level two or level three (DC fast) charging on trucks, trailers or skids that use alternative fuels. They're currently being used on automotive testing tracks and proving grounds to step up the arrival of more EVs to market.

Pyros says, "We are thrilled about our mobile units because they're 100% off grid so there's no installation or construction and we offer the most options and configurations. You can start charging right when you get the unit and charge where and when you need it. We've had a lot of interest in our mobile solutions for many use cases and various kinds of companies and organizations are securing them for different electrification purposes."

For fixed stations Momentum Groups can handle every aspect of the process including site surveys, negotiating with energy companies, securing federal and state incentives, custom-building turnkey installations for workplace, fleet, multi-housing and public projects, and providing maintenance and software management.

Visit momentumevse.com for quotes or to explore full-service customized electric vehicle charging solutions. For electric fleet vehicle acquisition or fleet electrification, go to momentumgroups.com.

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