Large-Cap Live Trading Pro Mentors Chatroom For Intermediate Traders, Update

Published March 1, 2023

The latest launch from 'My Investing Club' (MIC) offers members the opportunity to broaden their skill sets and adopt new approaches to generating more consistent returns. The updated coaching syllabus is augmented by the website's live trading model, global chatroom, and expanded mentorship program which connects subscribers with established traders for private and group sessions.

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The announcement reveals an extended range of features to help intermediate traders develop their practice and reach a new level of self-sufficiency in the stock market. MIC is committed to providing accessible and affordable education for the next generation of day traders through its engaging training model.

Large-cap stocks are those that have a market capitalization of $10 billion or more. According to Investopedia, these stocks are known for their more predictable and stable performance and they represent the majority (98.5%) of the US equity market. Large-cap holdings often make up the core holdings of a portfolio. Stocks from established global brands such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and Tesla are commonly found in the market's leading benchmark indexes.

MIC members can now learn how to gain a foothold in the large-cap market. Through a weekly webinar series and one-to-one sessions, subscribers can learn firsthand why these stocks offer greater transparency and high-dividend payout ratios, and how their performance impacts market behavior as a whole.

MIC's live trading approach allows members to learn through real-world market interaction. While the platform also offers paper trading demo simulation, this approach cannot truly mimic the impact of orders on the market.

Subscribers are given exclusive access to their mentors seven days a week via voice calls or direct messaging. All webinars are recorded and stored in MIC's large video encyclopedia which covers virtually every topic relating to intraday trading.

A spokesperson says, "Two of the biggest hurdles aspiring traders face are not having their questions answered in their current chatroom and not having them answered by experienced mentors. Our mentors answer questions quickly and thoroughly to keep our members advancing rapidly, not stalling out."

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