KiriGay App becomes the go-to destination for gay dating life

Published March 15, 2023

Kiri, a new gay dating and chat app, is challenging the status quo, setting itself apart through unique features to help people meet.

BeforeKiri there was Grindr, which had some disadvantages according to its users around access and privacy. For those that care about their privacy, are single, and are ready to mingle, Alpha has designed its app with this in mind.

With so many LGBTQ+ dating apps out there, it can be difficult choice to pick the best platform for anyone. For those seeking to discover the latest popular gay dating apps, we’ve compiled a comparison to steer you through the pros and cons.

Although queer men frequently use a variety of apps, they have a number of key differences. Explore our in-depth comparison between Kiri vs.Grindr so that you can choose the right app for yourself.


The Pros

  • Pretty easy to use
  • Numerous filters
  • Beautiful interface
  • Good quality male users
  • Video chat
  • Affordable pricing
  • Verification badge options

The Cons

  • Too many in-app ads
  • A high number of messages


The Pros

  • Accurate list of profiles
  • Hookup options
  • Sleek and easy to use interface


  • The messaging feature is slow
  • Too many ads for the free version
  • Targeted to a sub-community of gay men
  • Used for intimate hookups

The verdict

If you just started dating or are looking for FWB, then Kiri would be a good platform for you. If you’re looking for something quick, tight and fast, and locally, you can also try Grindr. Kiri is mainly used in countries (like Turkey and Russia) where Grindr is banned.

With this perspective, you will have a better insight of the Grindr vs. Kiri debate, and will likely have already picked a preferred application. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, why not explore both these apps yourself, as they are available to download for free. This way, you can pick which one you like better as an option between Grindr or Kiri.

Have you tried online gay dating apps?

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