JizzRocket Coin – The Latest to Lead the Memecoin Comeback.

Published February 24, 2023

Netherlands The, 24th Feb 2023 – JizzRocket (JIZZ) is a memecoin launched anonymously on the 2nd February that is now leading a  trend rebirth in the memecoin arena, after a massively successful launch achieving over $5.5m in  trading volume within its first 24 hours. JIZZ has a maximum supply of 69 billion tokens, half of which were immediately sent to a burn address by the anonymous deployer. The remaining supply of 34.5  billion was paired with Ethereum and added to Uniswap as decentralized trading liquidity. The JIZZ  token imposes zero tax on buyers or sellers and even has anti-frontrunning bot capabilities.  JizzRocket was impressively listed on coinmarketcap.com within 24 hours of launch, which reports as of press time JIZZ is trading at $0.00008125. 


This level of first-day trading volume hasn’t been seen for new fair launched memecoins since the peak of the Crypto bull run in 2021, marking the JIZZ token a beacon of recent shift in market trend and sentiment.  

Leading Meme Culture and Community Togetherness 

The anonymous JizzRocket Coin deployer published a medium article at the time of launch, which  explains the origins of this new meta of memecoin quoting:  

“The idea for JIZZ was born during a conversation, on winter’s night, with a close fren as we discussed the woes of the industry. How funny it would be if JIZZ became the bear market  anomaly, defied all odds and hit billions of market cap? Pretty hilarious if you ask me. Imagine the  conversation with your accountant!”. 

The mysteriously convincing and witty author of the article also described the power of community  and the JizzRocket ethos: 

“JIZZ could be the most viral, memeable token to hit the space, this will only be achieved if the  power of memes and community are used to the most extreme. (fun way not explicit content). JIZZ  is a memecoin, use MEMES!”.  

The message outlined in this article is sincere, promoting humor and combined community effort  over the spread of explicit content and degeneracy – a respectable and well thought out approach to  for JizzRocket Coins’ ethos. Read the full article here:  


The owner of the official JizzRocket Coin Twitter account leads the community by example with  tweets like this one:  

A Potential Memecoin Leader? 

From the trading activity and content seen so far, JizzRocket Coin has the potential to become a  leading cryptocurrency in the memecoin category. There is no underestimating the power of memes and humor, especially of this theme in the crypto space.  

CumRocket (CUMMIES) is a cryptocurrency token with a similar adult targeted theme to JizzRocket  Coin that launched on the Binance Smart Chain in 2021. Impressively, it reached almost a $300  million market cap within its first few weeks of launch according to data on CoinMarketCap 

With JizzRocket Coin currently trading at a $2.69 million market cap at the time of this publication,  the upside potential can easily be recognised by many investors. With such a quick rise in the first 2- 3 weeks of CumRocket, it’s no wonder an abundance of widely recognised influencers on Twitter are flocking to publicly supporting JizzRocket off of comparisons and potential like this. At this current moment, if JizzRocket were to reach the peak CumRocket did back in 2021, that’s over a 110 X  multiplier return for investors at these levels – a return not seen since peak bull-run activity back in  2021.  

What’s even more promising for JizzRocket Coins’ potential, is how unsaturated and undiscovered the adult sector of cryptocurrencies are today. None attempted have even come close to achieving the attention, hype and early trading volume that JizzRocket Coin has managed.  

With no promise of utility, but utility ‘where it makes sense’ JizzRocket Coin has the opportunity to intelligently innovate and push cryptocurrency adoption in the adult sector, as well as succeed  massively in the crypto memecoin sector. 

With a market cap currently less than 1/100th that of CumRocket at its’ peak, JizzRocket Coin could be THE cryptocurrency memecoin investment for 2023. 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/JizzRocketCoin 

Telegram – https://t.me/JizzRocketPortal 

Website – https://jizzrocket.io


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