Jason Herasemluk: Expat Who Wants to Retire in Costa Rica Speaks About Casa Canada, A Full-Service Firm That Offers Residence, Administration, And General Information About Costa Rica.

Published March 13, 2023

March 13, 2023 - Costa Rica is a country with numerous investment prospects, growing economy, pro-business government, and steady growth and there is a strong foundation for the legal, accounting, and banking systems. In a bid to help those that plan to retire in Costa Rica, Jason Herasemluk endorses an organization called Casa Canada which essentially translates into Canada House. They are a go-to resource organization for information on Costa Rica and also a full-service firm that offers residence, administration, and general information about the country. Casa Canada offers free advice on a variety of topics related to living and doing business in Costa Rica.

“I have researched so much about retirement in Costa Rica and all what it takes to have a great retirement. I have been to the country so many times, understands the culture and the opportunities. During my research I stumbled on Casa Canada and all I can say is that they are the best in what they do.” Says Jason Herasemluk “By offering all kinds of advisory services, they quicken and streamline immigration processes. Casa Canada provides free guidance on a range of issues pertaining to residing and conducting business in Costa Rica.” He added.

Apart from being a travel agency, they also offer a wide range of services that provides answers to every questions such as; residency services, accounting & tax services, tax planning & filing, legal assistance, business centre services, credit reports, property title searches, company formation & administration (including nominee companies for ownership privacy), residential & commercial real estate sales and rentals, property management and development, mortgage loans & administration of client owned mortgages, establishing and administration of bank accounts, relocation services to Costa Rica and so on.

Costa Rica is well-known for its natural beauty, and visitors will discover that its cherished traditions and friendly people are equally alluring. Explore the Rica's lush rainforests, extinct volcanoes, and sparkling beaches on an exhilarating tour without having to break the bank. So, for those looking to have a great life in Costa Rica and also looking forward to building a thriving business in the country, please follow Jason Herasemluk via https://instagram.com/jasonherasemluk?igshid=NDk5N2NlZjQ=

Pura Vida everyone.

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