Is Lear Capital a Reputable Company?

Published April 4, 2023

Yes, Lear Capital, founded in 1997 by investment professional Kevin DeMeritt, is a reputable company in the physical precious metal asset market.

The Business Consumer Alliance AAA-rated company helps investors diversify their portfolio through bullion and rare coin purchases and adding physical gold and silver assets to an existing IRA account.

Traditional IRAs and other qualified retirement accounts — such as a Roth, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA; 401(k); 403(b); 457(b); pension plan; or Thrift Savings Plan account — are generally able to be rolled into a precious metals IRA. In the past 26 years, Lear Capital has successfully processed more than $1 billion IRA-related transactions.

“You basically have three choices to hold gold,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “You can hold a gold stock, you can hold an exchange-traded fund, which is just backed by physical gold — or you can be in complete control of your metals and hold them physically within an IRA. But when you're holding it physically, it's yours.”

Providing a Positive Investment Experience

To help guide investors through the precious metals investment process, as part of Lear Capital’s highly personalized customer service approach, each investor is paired with a dedicated account representative. Investors can also call an 800 number between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST to get answers to any questions they may have.

The Los Angeles-based Lear Capital further proves that, yes, it is a reputable company by offering extensive online resources, including an encyclopedia of American coins that features images of each coin and background information on its history; real-time precious metals pricing information — and frequent news updates on the precious metals industry and the overall economy.

Investors can also identify a desired price for a specific precious metal and opt to receive an email notification when it reaches that level so they can act quickly, or they can request an estimate of what their precious metals asset holdings are currently worth, if they’re considering selling their gold coin portfolio.

Lear Capital, which has been appointed as an authorized dealer by the Professional Coin Grading Service, a key industry appraisal and certification provider, abides by the third-party Numismatic Guaranty Corporation coin-grading service’s standard of integrity, guaranteeing coin-grading accuracy and authenticity. It is also accredited as an authorized dealer by the Precious Metals Association and Industry Council for Tangible Assets.

Purchasing process transparency is a cornerstone of Lear Capital’s competitive gold and silver asset pricing system. To prevent confusion and ensure investors won’t be charged any unexpected fees, each step of the acquisition process is clearly defined, and per the company’s Price Advantage Guarantee policy, investors receive a written account agreement and confirmation of the purchase details in writing and by phone.

A number of the investors who have worked with Lear Capital — which has a rating of Excellent on the Trustpilot consumer evaluation site, based on more than 1,200 reviews — have praised the company for its strong customer support.

Previous precious metal investment customers have called Lear “a trusted friend in expanding our portfolio” who is “the best in the business” — describing their first experience buying precious metals as “enlightening and pleasant” due to Lear’s involvement.

Other investors commended Lear for its professionalism and honesty and expressed appreciation for its prompt purchasing process response and shipping, noting that “everything happened [in] exactly the time frame” the company had promised.

Maximizing Savings Through Precious Metals-Focused Investing

As informed investors know, physical precious metal assets can help safeguard investments against inflation. Whether investors purchase bullion or rare coins — or allocate a portion of a traditional 401(k) or IRA into a self-directed gold-backed IRA — precious metals like gold and silver offer inherent value, due to the limited supply available.

“We typically recommend investors hold no more than 20% of their portfolio in precious metals,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “But those percentages can change, based on your age. For instance, if you're 65 [or] 70 years old, gold is not going to produce an interest payment or rent. But it will help you with diversification. If you're looking for income, we want to push that 20% down to maybe 5% or less to make sure you have enough income.”

Even during turbulent periods, gold and silver’s value has often risen. The price of gold, for instance, increased 50% in the aftermath of the 2009 recession.

“Gold has an inverse relationship to other asset classes,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “In times of war or terrorism, usually you're going to find the markets become extremely volatile. Nobody knows what's going on from day to day. What's the asset that gives you some stability while all those things are happening? Typically, that's gold.”

Gold and silver have also, DeMeritt says, historically performed well despite high inflation — a condition that’s been present in the past two years following inflation’s largest one-month jump since 2012 in March 2021. The following year, in June 2022, year-over-year inflation reached its highest point since 1981, 9.1%.

“We haven't really seen this kind of inflation since the 1970s,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “With inflation and [a] recession looming, people should consider precious metals as a hedge against some of that economic uncertainty. Gold was up 300%, silver was up 500% the last time we saw inflation this high. You see some of [the] smart money starting to move over to the market. If people get educated about precious metals, they'll find it's a great time to add at least some portion of their portfolio into this asset category.”

Investors who are interested in finding out more about how the process works can obtain additional information about physical precious metal asset-based investing at

“We have a lot of resources there,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “All of it is absolutely free of charge.”

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