IRONWILLED: Meet the brand inspiring thousands to become the best versions of themselves, by any means necessary.

Published January 27, 2023

IRONWILLED is a fitness/lifestyle hybrid-brand based out of Phoenix, Arizona that exists to provide multi-purpose clothing for those in pursuit of their potential. Created in 2019 by Derek Slack, a full-time student at the time and an Air Force veteran, IRONWILLED set out to close the gap between fitness and street style to create a unique and timeless aesthetic while serving as an important source of inspiration and value to its community. The emphasis was on the community, as Derek felt something was missing among current fitness brands when he first started out. “I wanted to create a brand that represented the struggle of the journey and that connected those on that journey”, he said. “The journey isn’t pretty. It’s often dark, lonely, and extremely difficult. As a kid who came from very little and had no one but myself to guide me, I wanted to make people feel like they were on a team - that they were a part of something bigger - that they had others who felt similar to them in their ambitions and that have gone through similar hardships along the way”. To the community, it was the clean and dark, moody aesthetic that first captured people and continues to do so three years later.

That fact has never been relevant than it is now, as IRONWILLED just recently launched their “Demons” campaign, a powerful reminder of the ongoing battle everyone faces within themselves. Keegan Karki, the head of marketing for IRONWILLED who conceptualized the campaign, explains what was behind the idea. “Everyone has their own personal "demons" – the negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that we struggle with daily. These demons can take many forms, from self-doubt and insecurity to anger and addiction. One way to think about our personal demons is as a manifestation of our unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind holds all of our deep-seated fears, desires, and memories – the things that we may not be aware of or may not want to confront. These unconscious thoughts and feelings can manifest as our personal demons, causing us to struggle with the negative thoughts and behaviors.”

Keegan’s message to the IRONWILLED community is that by facing our demons head-on and working to overcome them, we can learn valuable lessons about ourselves and grow as individuals. Ultimately, the meaning behind personal demons is subjective & unique to everyone. What matters most is the responce to these negative thoughts and behaviors. 

IRONWILLED hopes to bring awareness to the common mental health-related issues that affect our lives and journeys and create pride amongst those that must conquer these issues. Wearing IRONWILLED's Demons Collection is more than just a fashion statement, it's a declaration of strength and determination that showcases overcoming them and being on top.

IRONWILLED is just beginning their journey of inspiring millions to dream big and put in the daily physical and mental work to achieve their definition of success “By Any Means Necessary”. As the brand continues to grow and expand, they are expecting to curate even more inspiring, multi-valued campaigns and clothing. The IRONWILLED community is for anyone looking to be encouraged & motivated as they strive for greatness in their own paths of success.

They can be found @THEIRONWILLED on all social media platforms.

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