ICAHP Pioneers Equitable Wellbeing by Certifying Holistic Healers

Published April 7, 2023
Empowering Holistic Practitioners Through International Recognition and Standardization

The International Compliance Assurance for Holistic Practitioners (ICAHP) is paving the way for a more equitable wellbeing system by offering certification to holistic healers, promoting the value of various holistic healing modalities across the globe.

"ICAHP's mission is to foster a more inclusive and equitable wellbeing system by recognizing and supporting holistic healers and their diverse range of modalities. Our certification process ensures practitioners uphold the highest standards of credibility and professionalism." - ICAHP spokesperson

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, ICAHP is committed to breaking down barriers within the holistic healing community by providing practitioners with internationally recognized certifications. By doing so, they are creating a more inclusive wellbeing landscape that acknowledges the importance of various healing modalities.

Through their rigorous certification process, ICAHP ensures that holistic healers adhere to a high standard of credibility and professionalism, which benefits both practitioners and clients alike. This process includes thorough background checks, in-depth assessments, and ongoing support for the certified healers.

The organization believes that this certification has the potential to elevate the field of holistic healing, allowing it to be more readily accepted and accessible to people worldwide. This, in turn, will help to create a more equitable wellbeing system that values the contributions of all healing modalities.

ICAHP's website, https://www.icahp.org/, offers a comprehensive overview of the certification process, as well as a directory of certified courses and therapies that ICAHP has approved provided by its certified members. This serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to learn more about holistic healing or to find a certified training or therapy in their area.

ICAHP is committed to fostering a more equitable and inclusive wellbeing system by offering certification to holistic healers across the globe. Their mission is to empower these practitioners, promote the value of various healing modalities, and ensure the highest standards of credibility and professionalism are upheld. For more information about ICAHP, the certification process, or to find a certified practitioner, visit https://www.icahp.org/


ICAHP (International Compliance Assurance for Holistic Practitioners) is a part of ICA Switzerland, committed to promoting professional standards and excellence in the holistic industry. With a simple and inexpensive certification process, ICAHP helps professionals and entrepreneurs demonstrate industry-standard quality, gaining global recognition and compliance. The organization offers personalized support throughout the accreditation process and provides members with benefits such as easy certification, dedicated URL verification pages, Trustmark accessibility for courses, and value for money. Founded by Hoda, ICAHP aims to elevate the professional image and respect for practitioners of modern and ancient healing techniques, ultimately strengthening their societal status.

For more information about ICAHP, the certification process, or to find a certified training or therapy, visit https://www.icahp.org/

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