How Can Elderly People Overcome Their Fear of Riding HIPEAK Adult E-bikes?

Published April 8, 2023

Some measures to address the fear of cycling in older adults to promote healthy activity and improve their quality of life.

(PRUnderground) April 8th, 2023

According to data collected by the US department of transportation, the number of people aged 60 and over riding electric bikes is growing the fastest. With longer lifespans and an ageing society, more and more elderly people are paying attention to their health and hoping to maintain their physical health through cycling and other means. However, elderly people often lack riding experience and are prone to feeling scared and uneasy, particularly when it comes to adult electric bikes. Some survey data shows that the safety and stability of riding an electric bike are a concern for elderly people, which is also one of the important reasons for their fear of riding. Therefore, measures need to taken to address the fear of riding among the elderly, in order to promote their healthy activities and improve their quality of life.

Carol Wilson’s story of overcoming fear of riding

Carol Wilson is a retired teacher in her seventies who has always been concerned about her health and engages in moderate exercise every day. However, as she has gotten older, she has found it increasingly difficult to maintain high-intensity exercise such as walking and jogging.

At the suggestion of her family, Carol began to consider buying a HiPeak adult folding electric bike. However, she has never ridden an electric bike before and is a bit worried about losing control or having an accident.

To overcome her fear of riding, Carol decided to seek out a professional cycling coach to guide her. The coach first taught Carol how to adjust the seat and grip the handlebars, and carefully explained key skills such as braking, accelerating and turning. The coach also accomplished Carol to practice in the park, encouraging her to practice more and relax rather than being too nervous.

After a period of practice, Carol gradually mastered the basic riding skills and overcame her fear of riding. She enjoys riding and exercises every day in the park or on nearly paths, while enjoying the convenience and fun of the electric bike.

Carol tell us: seniors can also learn to ride adult electric bikes and, through professional guidance and continuous practice, overcome their fear of riding and enjoy the health and happiness that riding brings.

Riding fear solutions for seniors:

The importance of overcome the fear of riding among the elderly

Riding can bring multiple benefits, such as improving physical health, enhancing mood, expanding social circles, etc., all of which can improve the quality of life for the elderly. Overcoming the fear of cycling can make the elderly more confident and independent, enabling them to complete daily activities independently and better control their lives. At the same time, cycling is a great outdoor activity that allows the elderly to enjoy the beauty of nature while also relaxing their body and mind.

With the continuous advancement of urbanization, traffic pressure is surging. If the elderly can use cycling as a means of transportation, they can reduce their reliance on public transportation and avoid crowded traffic scenes.

Finding a safe place to practice

Find a park with few people and bike lanes, and hire a coach to teach elderly people how to ride a bike and riding skills in traffic. In the US, a great source of information is the website of the Bicycle Alliance. Type in your state and you will find a wealth of information about the Bicycle Friendly America (BFA) program.

Buying a adult folding electric bike

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a city with a shared electric bike program, rent one before deciding to buy. See if you can adapt to it to avoid buying it and then leaving it unused. Of course, electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular, making riding more convenient and accessible for many people. For a new bike, the most important thing is whether it is beginner-friendly and cost-effective. HiPeak is a foldable and lightweight electric bike that uses small fat tires to balance practicality and convenience for seniors to get on and off. It also has a considerate design of step-over and step-thru models to accommodate seniors of all heights.

Don’t forget to purchase accessories such as helmets, lights, and locks for your safety while riding, which can all be easily found on the HiPeak official website at

Considering your body’s needs carefully

As we age, our flexibility decreases regardless of how healthy our bodies are. Many manufacturers, like HiPeak, offer electric bikes designed specifically for women, seniors, and those with disabilities. If you are learning to ride a bike or haven’t ridden in a while, a road (racing) bike may not be the best choice.

If lifting your leg onto an electric bike frame proves to be challenging, then looking for a step-through electric bike that is suitable for all genders is the best choice.

The HiPeak City Folding Electric Bike is designed for comfort and transport, and its upright riding position makes it very convenient and comfortable to ride.

Finding an easily accessible riding location

Riding an electric bike requires a few hours of healthy, stress-free outdoor sports activity that allows you to enjoy the scenery and the company of friends. Take some time to find some easy-to-ride places where you feel safe.

Local parks: Most cities have parks that are usually surrounded by quiet surroundings and less crowded traffic, where seniors can ride while enjoying the natural scenery.

Bike lanes: Many cities have dedicated bike lanes that provide excellent road conditions for cycling and are relatively safe. Seniors can choose to ride along the bike lanes while enjoying the surrounding scenery.

Riversides or beaches: If you live in a seaside or riverside city, seniors can ride along the riverside or beach, enjoying the fresh air brought by the sea breeze and river water.

Neighborhood roads: Neighborhood roads have less traffic and a quieter environment, and seniors can ride within the neighborhood while interacting with their neighbors.

Country paths: If the opportunity arises, seniors can consider going to the countryside and cycling on rural paths, enjoying the natural beauty and feeling the tranquility of rural life.

What the elderly wear on electric bikes

No matter what clothes you wear, the most important thing is to feel comfortable during exercise. There is no need to buy special clothing. However, you should be aware that wide-leg pants may get caught in your e-bike chain, especially if there is no protective device. Here are some suggestions on what elderly people should wear when riding an e-bike:

Wear sportswear: Wearing sportswear can provide ample space for movement, which can help with flexibility and comfort while riding.

Wear a helmet: Wearing a helmet is a necessary safety measure for elderly people when riding an e-bike. Helmets can protect the head from impact injuries.

Wear loose fitting shoes: Wearing loose shoes not only provides comfort but also helps with foot flexibility to deal with different road conditions.

Wear bright-colored clothes: Bright-colored clothes can increase the visibility of elderly people on the road and reduce the risk of being ignored by other vehicles.

Wear UV-resistant clothing: Elderly people have fragile skin and need to pay attention to sun protection. Wearing UV-resistant clothing can effectively block sunlight and reduce the possibility of sunburn.

Riding an electric bike to keep health

When I first started riding an electric bike, I didn’t realize it would be the best investment to stay healthy as I aged. The benefits of regularly riding an electric bike include weight loss and prevention of serious illnesses such as stroke and heart disease. Riding an electric bike is low-impact, making it an important factor in keeping the body active if you have arthritis in your lower joints.

Nowadays, I almost always ride my HiPeak folding electric bike when visiting museums, attending conferences, or visiting friends. With it, I no longer worry about parking far away from my destination. Usually, if I’m going a long distance, I’ll park my car a few miles away and ride my HiPeak folding bike from the trunk. Because one of my knees has arthritis, I can’t walk as far as I used to, but I can ride my HiPeak electric bike for 60 miles.


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