Hero Fulfillment and Warehousing Unveils Customer Driven Warehousing Services

Published March 26, 2023

Hero Fulfillment and Warehousing, a warehouse fulfillment center, is unveiling its people driven services to partners around the world. The company is a people driven service center that fulfills shipping needs for their partners from top to bottom. This includes picking up shipments from harbors, making sure everything in the shipment is accounted for, checking that the order has all the correct paperwork and storing the orders until they are ready to be sent out. They also work with their partners on the logistics side of warehousing.

Hero Fulfillment and Warehousing was founded by Josh Ingber, who spent time working in an Amazon fulfillment center and decided he wanted to provide a better service for people needing to ship products and have them stored. He first started gaining experience in shipping when he moved to Belgium and started working for a company that sold office supplies all over Europe. Ingber would package and take orders all day. After leaving that job he became an entrepreneur when he opened a renovation company.

Not satisfied, Ingber began working in logistics with an Amazon fulfillment center where he started to build his brand. After some time giving online courses about the psychology of buying and selling he took his experience from Amazon and opened Hero Fulfillment and Warehousing.

They consider their clients as partners because as they handle shipments for companies and fulfill orders, their partners are helping to build Hero Fulfillment and Warehousing. This comes from Ingber’s desire to help people with their future endeavors and becoming as successful as possible.

The team works with clients very closely and gets to know them on a personal level. This has led to the company becoming a desirable company to fulfill shipment orders over other warehousing companies who have hidden fees and treat their clients as just another customer. They have no hidden fees and will work to educate their partners on better business practices such as how to improve their marketing techniques.

Their best partners are people who came from other warehouses that weren’t providing them with quality service. Ingber has found that when he brings in new clients that become partners they stick with Hero Fulfillment and Warehousing because they see the team giving their heart and soul to their services.

They also don’t require their partners to buy into long term contracts that require them to stay. If a client wants to leave the next day after their shipment has been fulfilled they can, but Ingber has found that clients don’t want to leave because Hero Fulfillment and Management takes care of the difficulties in dealing with warehouse fulfillment centers while being very clear with their affordable prices.

Their unique location gives them the ability to fulfill shipment requests in a timely manner, which helps warehouse operations run smoothly as possible. They are located only an hour and 20 minutes from the port of Rotterdam, which is the biggest in Europe. They are also only 20 minutes away from the second biggest harbor in Europe. These close proximity locations help the company take in shipments at a high rate and their high customer satisfaction shows they are able to handle the volume.

“I like people and I care for people, and my clients feel this.” says Ingber. “You focus on what you’re good at and building your business, and Hero Fulfillment will be your partner in the difficult part of the business.”

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Name: Josh Ingber

Email: logistics@herofulfillment.com

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