Guardian Angel Carers Bucks the Trend Amid Record Home Care Waiting Times

Published April 12, 2023

Guardian Angel Carers UK Home Care Agency
Guardian Angel Carers UK Home Care Agency

National home care company, Guardian Angel Carers, operated through a local homecare franchise structure, has upheld sector-leading service levels, while general social care provision and home care waiting periods extend upward by 37%.

Guardian Angel Carers currently has 14 franchises throughout the UK and provides various private uk home care services, including companionship, specialist care, domiciliary and overnight care, working with families and individuals with specific needs, support requirements or conditions.

Record Delays in Home Care Delivery

Community Care reported in January 2023 that as many as 40% of people in hospital were well enough to leave but had been prevented from doing so due to a lack of availability or capacity of appropriate social care to support the transition to moving back home.

It is estimated that 14,000 beds in hospitals across England are taken up by people who can return to their homes. Still, challenges in social care have yet to recover to pre-pandemic levels, putting excessive strain on hospitals.

Of all the individuals delayed from leaving the hospital, 24% remain in wards waiting for home care. A previous report in August 2022 found that home care waiting lists had soared by 37% in six months.

Several factors have contributed to a lack of scope within public and adult healthcare sectors to support people who wish to live at home and are medically fit but are prevented from accessing the help they need.

Staff shortages may mean that safe in home care is unavailable, and the Welsh care inspectorate has published concerns that people are being placed in residential care against their wishes.

How Guardian Angel Carers Is Meeting Home Care Demand

Part of the success behind Guardian Angel Carers is the devolved management model. By creating franchises, each of the 14 branches is locally run and managed, ensuring owners, care coordinators, and supervisors have a keen oversight of local needs, communities, and specific home care skills that are necessary.

The agency also focuses on exceptional standards, with every branch independently registered with the English Care Quality Commission or Care Inspectorate Wales, ensuring that provisions are inspected, monitored and managed on a local level.

Home care support is available, in most cases, within 24 hours, and in some instances immediately, a significant improvement on the average six-week minimum waiting time to access home care services organised through local authorities.

Guardian Angel Carers also has a strong commitment to competitive pay rates, in-house training, and career progression opportunities, including support for newly qualified or newly appointed carers to achieve formal qualifications such as NVQs.

This system has proven to work, with the group expanding rapidly over recent months and reporting outstanding staff retention figures. The increasing demand allows independently run branches to advertise further home care jobs, new home care services and expand on the geographical areas covered.

A prevalent issue outside of the Guardian Angel Carers network may be that families are unaware that, following a local authority care assessment, they may have discretion about which home care services they select. Funding support can often be used towards the costs of private care support rather than settling for extensive delays.

Providing Positive Home Care Outcomes

Vikki Craig-Vickers, the Head of Operations at Guardian Angel Carers Franchises, says: “Our home care model is built on the highest standards of professionalism, respect, personalised care and compassion – and we feel that an element of our success is down to the way we treat our CareAngels, and provide genuine support.

Every person or family we work with deserves and receives the best home care we can offer, whether they are looking for long-term, ongoing home care or occasional companionship care to look after the welfare of an individual while family caregivers are absent.

Our franchise model has been well established as an excellent opportunity for business owners to leverage their skills and enthusiasm to serve their local communities. We are delighted to have achieved fantastic outcomes for our clients, including rapid response care where home care needs are urgent.”

Services include specialised post-hospital care, dependent on the care offerings in each respective branch, which can be an ideal way to ensure individuals can be discharged from the hospital safely, quickly, and without ongoing delays.

Individuals and families concerned about a lack of home care offerings in their area can search for their nearest Guardian Angel Carers location through the company website.

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