Ground breaking New Gold-Backed Token S39G Offers a Unique Investment Opportunity for Crypto Investors Across the Planet

Published March 29, 2023

The project combines crypto innovation with the stability of gold to help investors diversify their portfolios.

With so much volatility in the financial markets, investors are constantly on the lookout for stable projects to invest their hard-earned money. One project that is gaining a lot of traction is the S39G Token. The ground-breaking new gold-backed token promises to transform the crypto investment landscape as it offers investors with a secure and stable investment option that is not subject to the same level of volatility often associated with traditional cryptocurrencies.

The S39 community has allocated an astonishing $3.9 billion worth of gold reserves for the S39G project, which means that every gold-backed token is backed with 0.5 grams of gold (purity 999%). By combining the stability and security of gold with the benefits of blockchain technology, investors have more peace of mind as they have not only a tangible asset but also ease of trading.

The S39G ecosystem has been built in partnership with the Dubai-based GUARA Blockchain network (GRC), which offers S39G token holders fast, accurate, and low-cost transactions. However, the main reason why S39G is attracting a lot of attention is the fact that it can be redeemed for actual gold. This has been made possible thanks to a collaboration between Fitrah Gold in Malaysia which are the leading gold mining and production enterprise in the country. Investors can redeem gold by logging into the Fitrah app or by visiting S39G merchants. Besides gold, the Fitrah company allows trade-in jewelry, silver, and high-value currencies such as Dirham and Dinar.

Talking to the media, a representative for the gold token said, "We want to democratize gold investments as not everyone is able to afford a single investment in gold bars which can cost as much as $600,000. Gold is not divisible, and the large bars of gold cannot be stored easily. Similarly, when people invest in gold through ETFs and future contracts, they do not actually own the underlying gold asset. S39 Gold solves all these problems.”

The spokesperson added, “We believe that S39G represents a major leap forward in the world of crypto investing and helps investors to diversify their portfolio with a token that harnesses both blockchain and real-world gold. By investing in S39G, they do not have to worry about the wild swings that have become the hallmark of the crypto world. This gives investors a greater level of stability that is unmatched in the cryptocurrency space."

Users can also get a mining permit, purchase a minting bot, and mint S39G tokens that start accumulating in their digital wallet. The S39G token also acts as an NFT or a gold trading card for their users as the token is scarce, unique, and transparent. This gives it greater utility as a token and ensures the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Community members who extract the minted S39G can also sell them on DEX exchanges such as pancakeswap or cloudswap. They can also convert the S39G to any coin on the Gaura Exchange.

Investors interested in the gold-backed token can visit the S39 Gold website today and read their white paper at

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