GrooveFunnels Review: The One-Stop Shop for All Your Digital Needs in 2023

Published March 7, 2023

United States, 7th Mar 2023 – Are you looking for a useful digital marketing tool that will help you run a successful online business? A tool that not only builds website and landing pages for you but also creates sales funnels sells digital and physical products, etc. Look no more, as GroovesFunnels is the one providing all the services under one roof. 

As a beginner in entrepreneurship or online business, you must want to look for simple tools to use and run every aspect of your business. This is where GroovesFunnels is getting all the hype and acceptance because it provides all the essential and required online marketing tools and that too from one account. 

To help you grow your online business like a pro, GrooveFunnels comes with some groovy tools like GrooveMail, GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveKart, and this review will help you discover and know about all these tools.

But before moving to that, let’s have a look at who introduced this amazing tool and what is GrooveFunnels in particular.

What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels, if explained in simpler words, is a suite of apps developed by the GrooveDigital, and it allows the users like business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, etc., to build landing pages, sales funnels, eCommerce sites, email campaigns, and many other marketing tools under one roof.

This is what you will find included in the GrooveFunnels all under one platform:

  • GrooveBlog
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveSell
  • GroovePages
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveWebinars
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo
  • GroveQuiz and much more

Having all these included in just one app justify the hype GrooveFunnels is getting in recent times.

Who introduced GrooveFunnels?

Before moving to know more about what GrooveFunnels actually is, let’s first introduce the masterminds behind this all-in-one marketing tool. Here is the list of the team of legendary geniuses:

Mike Filsaime:

Known for his acclaimed and famous contributions to the software and marketing industry, Mile Filsaime is the CEO of GrooveDigital that owns GrooveFunnels. He is known for being a leader in the online marketing world and being an author, software developer, consultant, digital marketer, and speaker.

Before coming up with the idea of GrooveFunnels, Mike has been a pioneer of many marketing tools like Evergreen Business System, EverWebinar, PayDotCom, Butterfly Marketing, etc., and also had his contribution to one of the most famous sales funnel tools, which is Kartra. He left Kartra to from GrooveFunnels. He has generated almost 100 USD with his legendary contributions to help digital marketing reach where it is today.

John Cornetta:

Having his own portfolio of e-commerce stores and earning almost six figures for every single site he works on every month, John Cornetta is an expert in the field of traffic generation and e-commerce in particular. He is the second co-founder of this venture named GrooveDigital and is quite active in the online industry for the past several years.

His exceptional talent and expertise have made Goovekart to be placed quite ahead of some extremely popular online shopping carts like Shopify, BigCommerce, etc. 

Mattijis Naus:

He is the company’s CTO at GroovePages. He has some exceptional and extraordinary knowledge when it comes to building some legendary software products for digital entrepreneurs, online businesses, small businesses, and even startups.

He is also the founding member of GrooveDigital and is always working close to John Cornetta and Mike Filsaime.

Matt Serralta:

Matt Serralta is the one who is the architect behind GrooveKart and also built the eCommerce products for GrooveFunnels from very scratch. Having almost decades of experience in admin operations, sales, eCommerce, etc., he has worked as a former consultant for various companies like Prestashop and Office Depot. 

Who is GrooveFunnels ideal for?

Being a super power in the world of eCommerce and digital marketing, GrooveFunnels is ideal for the following users:

The Content Creators:

GrooveFunnels allow the content creators like Bloggers or online marketers who are looking for membership, selling information and products, building landing pages, etc. create landing pages and their content without any hassle and trouble.

The Beginner Entrepreneurs in the Online Marketing World:

The beginners who are starting from scratch in the online marketing field have nothing to worry about as GrooveFunnels will do understanding online business and maintaining it extremely easy for them. Finding everything required in an online business in just one app makes it a lot easier for beginners.

The Business owners:

GrooveFunnels is one cheaper alternative and provides much more options in one go as compared to its competitors in the digital marketing world. This is where it becomes super beneficial and pocket friendly for the business owners. 

The Online Sellers/ Ecommerce Sites:

GrooveFunnels also does the job of newsletter campaigns, automating sales, or anything related to downsells, upsells, or even order completion for the online sellers and eCommerce sites. This indicates that if an online seller or eCommerce site owner wishes to grow their online business, GrooveFunnels is the answer.

The GrooveFunnels Tools:

In this portion, you will come to know about the reviews for each tool that GrooveFunnels has to offer:


GrooveFunnels provide this flagship tool, which will allow the users to create professional websites, funnels, and landing pages. It also helps in selling the right products to the targeted audiences. You can perform these tasks using GroovePages:

  • You can easily boost your product sales with the one-click upsells.
  • It also allows you to participate in affiliate programs.
  • You can build a brand website with full navigation without any hassle.
  • Have an unlimited number of funnels and sell unlimited products.
  • Have some powerful checkout options designed?
  • It also offers order bumps, upsells, and down sales.


GrooveAffiliate is one of the most feasible and flexible affiliate management tools for online marketers and businesses. GrooveAffiliate can be used to manage every aspect, from recruiting affiliate marketers to promoting software products or online courses. You can have affiliates with the following using GrooveAffiliate:

  • The Banner ads.
  • Email Swipe Files.
  • The affiliate Links.
  • Some example blog articles.
  • Social media posts and many more.


GrooveSell is also one of the tools provided by GrooveFunnels when you sign up. This tool is similar to Shopify, Sam Cart, etc., as it is one shopping cart platform. This platform allows you to feasible set your online store, sell your digital services and products, and also some online courses. This is recommended for the following users:

  • Course Creators
  • Software Developers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • The Experts in Passion Projects
  • Speakers
  • Influencers, etc.


One of the most needed campaigns, when you are marketing online is email marketing. This is because it can increase your sales as it’s a kind of personal communication with the customers and prospects. GrooveFunnels has also made this easier as it provides the Groovemail tool to up your game of email marketing.

The major features that GrooveMail possesses are:

  • It can create simple emails.
  • It can also upgrade to full-color emails if required by the user.
  • It is very much quick and simple as it brings all the contact list into the campaign individually.
  • It has robotic analytics, which includes clicking engagement rates, through rates, and many more. That means all the important rates that you need for email marketing are included.


Videos will help an online business generate sales and grow businesses. GrooveFunnels has this covered too, as it has come up with a tool named GrooveVideo through which you can easily perform the following tasks:

  • Optimize the videos in order to get a lead generation.
  • Turn your videos into some powerful marketing tool.
  • Easily share your videos on different social media platforms.
  • Also, automate the entire process.
  • Embed videos to your website.
  • It also allows you to host with GrooveVideo.
  • You are also allowed to have your own player controls, skins, and autoplay.


This tool revolutionizes content publishing. The target of reaching the right audience and publishing search optimized content is the need of time, and the team behind GrooveFunnels understands this. Using GrooveBlog, the process of publishing content pages from the GroovePages to Google has been made quite simple.

You will even not need to leave your GrooveBlog page to get your content published on the WordPress as the builders integrate quite well with this site.


The GrooveMember tool allows the digital marketers to first set up a membership site and then run it properly. Through this platform, you can easily host the virtual summits, membership sites, and even courses or any other content that you would want to be present and protected there. 


Are you looking for some easy and feasible Webinar hosting options? GrooveWebinars is at your service. This webinar allows you to either host or creates some live or automated webinars depending on your feasibility and comfort. Additionally, you can easily track the webinar views through Groovevideo, optimize your replays, and also set up tags in the GrooveMail tool through the Webinar tool. 


If you are looking to create polls and quizzes for your landing page, GrooveQuiz is here for the rescue. This tool will allow you to interact with your audience and get information sent to you by them. Through the information received, you can easily create loads of automation using GrooveMail.


As a business owner, you must be looking to have a strong connection with your customers. GrooveSurvey allows you to have that with ease because using this tool, you can now easily integrate the surveys to your sites and funnels, and you can utilize the information received to engage with your audience in a better way.

This tool helps you to create surveys with multiple choice questions and also grab your audience’s proper attention towards your upcoming products and services. It also helps you to have some valuable leads through the surveys that will result in having regular and high paying customers.


Are you working as a coach, freelancer, or a consultant? This GrooveCalendar tool is here for you to remember dates. It can also easily be integrated into GrooveMail, and you can either book an appointment or maintain an email service or workflow with absolute ease. You can also send the right emails to the right audience at the right time using this tool as it also provides an email automation service.

Additionally, this tool is absolutely good for selling scheduled meetings and consultations along with allowing the users to have text or email based reminders for their reoccurring appointments. It also allows you to receive reminder notifications for registration confirmations, cancellations, rescheduling, post event notifications, etc. 


It is an impactful customer support program having one reliable and engaging help desk. It is known for its robust ticketing system as it helps you to keep your tickets from all the organizations very much well organized. The tickets can be from any department, including technical support, sales support, billing support, etc.  

It also allows you to collaborate with various agents in order to lead the conversation efficiently. It is very much well connected to the GrooveSell tool to have proper access to the full profile of the customers, transaction history, and billing actions. Bonus, it stores all the conversations on the cloud, so you can have access to analyze and download them anytime you want to.

GrooveFunnels pricing:

At the end of 202, GrooveFunnels has surpassed every other leading tool and has become the leading funnel builder and website, having more than 1 million users in number. When it comes to GrooveFunnels pricing, it is free, featuring some of its basic features. 

However, if you want to have proper access to almost all the tools mentioned above, then you will have to subscribe to either their silver plan or golden plan to get the hang of it.

Here is the table showing what features are included in the free plan, silver plan, and golden plan individually:

Email Affiliates Not included included included
Email Buyers Not Included Included Included
Email Card Abandons Not Included Included Included
Email Leads Not Included Included Included
GrooveQuiz Not Included Not Included Included
GrooveSurvey Not Included Not Included Included
GrooveCalendar Not Included Not Included Included
Groove Desk Not Included Not Included Included
Groove Blog Not Included Not included Included
GrooveVideo Not Included Included included
Grove Member Not  Included Included Included
Groove Mail Not Included Included Included
Groove Pages Pro Included (LITE) Included Included
Groove Affiliate Included included Included
Groove Sell Included Included Included
Affiliate Program 20% Included included Included
GrooveWebinarsLive Not included Not included Not included
GrooveWebinars Automated Not included Not included Not included
Groove Webinars eCommerce Not included Not included Not included


This table shows that the free plan only gives access to basic features like GrooveAffiliate, GrooveSell, GroovePages, etc. The silver plan starts from 99 USD/Month, and the Gold plan starts from 199 USD/Month providing almost all the features essential for online digital marketing. 

Is GrooveFunnels the right choice?

GrooveFunnels can only prove to be the right choice for you in the following cases:

  • When you are having a large collection of services and products to sell and promote.
  • If you want to design funnels and landing pages feasibly.
  • When you are a growing online marketer and want your business to grow significantly.
  • You want to have a membership site that is reputable.
  • Also, when you need to create some value and SEO optimized content online.

GrooveFunnels is not the right choice for you in the following cases:

  • When you are satisfied with other tools and don’t want to indulge in monthly packages to get all the tools GrooveFunnels has to offer.
  • When you do not have any need of working with an all in one online digital marketing tool
  • When you are absolutely not ready to have some advancements in the marketing sector.
  • You have not a long list of promoting or selling products or services to invest much in online digital tools.

Pros and Cons of GrooveFunnels:

Before you decide to invest in this tool, make sure you know all the pros and cons that this marketing tool has to offer:


  1. The GrooveFunnels has been seen gaining strength over the years because of the fresh, modern, and amazing features it comes with from time to time. The entrepreneurs or business owners who are looking for incredible offers and solutions to make their business work better will find this tool worth it.
  2. It is a huge pro in the business industry because of being an all-in-one solution to all the business demands and requirements. This software comes with an all-in-one solution for the growth and new business owners and sellers. One of the best pros includes that all the tools in this software are integrated and work very much creatively, which can save loads of money.
  3. This app is one of the most powerful, incredible, and gorgeous designed apps in the digital marketing world. The GroovePages tool allows the users to create stunning leading pages that can have a huge impact on the viewers. In short, it allows leaving a long-run impression on the audience.
  4. This complete suite is a combined framework that is serving business owners all around the world. One of the biggest benefits it comes up with includes eliminating recurring costs for the businesses, which can otherwise lead to thousands of dollars. The saved money can now be used for other growth projects easily by the business owners.
  5. It comes with a responsive interface that allows you to grow in the competitive industry with absolute ease and feasibility. It also helps the developers o build extensions.


  1. The suite is still under the beta phase, which indicates that some of the apps are still under the process of development and are supposed to be launched in the near future. When you buy packages, you are also paying for the tools that have not launched yet, and you can’t use them. This is one of the major cons of using GrooveFunnels.
  2. The GroovePages require much more effort to be learned by the beginners. You will need more time to master the app as there are many tools that you will need to learn to properly access them. However, there are many tutorials available online that will help you master this app like a pro.

 Is GrooveFunnels worth the hype?

If you are looking to create SEO-friendly websites and funnels, then GrooveFunnels is definitely worth it as it makes this task very much easy and simple for the users. Some famous funnel builders like Kartra and ClickFunnels are built on old technology; therefore, if you are looking to build an online business with all the necessary tools available, GrooveFunnels is definitely your go-to option. 

The GroovePages provided by the GrooveFunnels suite has become one of the fastest and finest funnels and landing page builders. It allows you to create websites and funnels in an easier and simpler way because it is built on the JavaScript Framework. According to various reviews, it is much faster than any other tool available at the moment.

In simpler words, grooveFunnels is definitely worth the hype for all the new business owners, online entrepreneurs, and product sellers that are looking for an early access to all the premium software like Kartra or ClickFunnels.

GrooveFunnels is getting all the hype from the users because of one major reason, i.e., getting all the required tools and solutions at one price and under one roof rather than investing in different tools to get different services. For beginners, there is a free membership option to get a proper know how of the suite and learn the basic features. 

Once the beginners get the result, they are looking for, and they can easily switch to their membership silver or gold plans, which provide all the tools essential for online digital marketing. The lifetime pricing plans are great compared to the services that are provided.

In short, GrooveFunnels and GroovePages may be free in the beginning and can be used by the beginners to get hold of the software; however, to get access to more tools in the near future, one has to subscribe to any of their membership plans to get all the essential tools accessible in one software. 


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