Published February 10, 2023


Beverly Hills, California—Goddess Good Fridae is known by many as the groundbreaking veteran journalist and virtual media pioneer FridaeTV and Founder / President of Pick Me Press. As of last year, Good Fridae came out to the public as the indie, singing, psychic Goddess of music. The multi-talented Greek, Macedonian, Italian, Canadian, singing psychic medium is, releasing what she dubbed the “SRI LANKA” remix, to show her gratitude to the DJ from Sri Lanka who finished remixing what she started! She has come a long way from the days she wasn’t able to walk or sing from 2016 to 2019, she has returned to entertainment for two years and has caused such a stir amongst the basics.

The Anyone (I Choose You) Sri Lanka remix, is available now for pre-saves on all digital platforms! Official release day is February 11th, the same day the original version of the song dropped, you can watch the videos for that here. The Goddess also wanted the remix to be ready for the lovers on Valentine’s Day and also as a gift for herself! Good Fridae’s Earth day anniversary, is on February 16th and this is the longest she has lived as a woman!

As the Goddess continues to work on her debut album, other art projects and slaying gremlins, she also does her philanthropic Goddess work, spiritual and business consults, psychic readings, project management and public relations. She is finally ready to accept talent agents and artist mangers, to help delegate bookings because her schedule doesn’t give her the time needed to dedicate on the self representation part of her multifaceted endeavors. A woman of eclectic skillset is worth over ten million dollars and has made other companies billions, an asset as the go to project manager, the catalyst that makes or breaks a career. Good Fridae’s music is already making waves with so many established artists like Beyoncé getting their inspiration from her, she is the good luck charm and trend setter for all who she blesses with her energy and presence.

It’s only been a few months since she dropped the HERstoric (yes, like historic but HERstory,), holy trinity of truths; a true story short film Good Fridae rewrote the almost scrapped script in three hours, directed, edited, acted in the film and produced it too. Her art has unearthed more than just a new sound and image. The years of film set experience plus her director and producer certification that she received from Michigan State University, came in handy while she was making her summer art projects. The short film is titled “Just Released” and has been submitted to a number of festivals including Tribeca, you can purchase it here.

In addition to editing her film, she edited her music videos that were filmed in California last June. Unlike many mainstream artists today, we won’t name names, this indie artist runs her own label, always writes, sings, produces or coproduces her own music, herself. Goddess Good Fridae has only just begun to flip and edit the entertainment industry script, she is the only woman on the planet that can do what she can.

Many imitations and amusing inspirations but she can never be duplicated just like Marilyn Monroe, Good Fridae is cut from a different ancient cloth. All of GOOD FRIDAE’s songs especially “Anyone (I Choose You) Sri Lanka Remix” is whole mood, not just a vibe!

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